Xbox Live Sets Record With Two Million On At Once

Likely driven by the nearly five million copies Modern Warfare 2 sold on its launch day, Xbox Live set a record Thursday with two million people logged into the service at once.

Community guru Major Nelson tweeted the news today, with operations manager Eric ("e") Neustadter following with word of his own soon after.

No specific reason was given for the record traffic but it's unimaginable Modern Warfare 2 is not a strong factor in this. No word on what the previous record was.

Xbox Live Breaks Records [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    It really shows what good value xbox live is. If it can handle more than 2 million users logged in at the same time then our $79 a year is being put to good use.

    It's pretty awesome that a single service gets so many people on at once. Give it 2 or 3 years for PSN to catch up and we will probably have upwards of 10 million people between the two on at one time.

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