Yes, Mass: We Pray Was More Dante's Inferno Schtick

That Mass: We Pray trailer posted earlier this week? Totally Dante's Inferno marketing. And well done too, as numerous sites both within and outside the video game coverage space posted it as genuine.

But marketing it is, the latest in Electronic Arts' attempts to drum up interest in Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno, due early next year. We'll just have to wager a guess that the spot, the website, the cross controller and kneeler accessory were the work of ad firm Wieden + Kennedy, responsible for some of EA's previous viral and non-traditional ads, like the Tiger Woods "Jesus Shot" and Spore campaign.

Mass: We Pray ties into the Heresy circle of Hell, but also lets Facebook users "damn" their friends and acquaintances.


    This game is going to flop. If they had spent this much money on development instead of these half-baked marketing campaigns, then they might have the goods to back up the hype. But instead, they've created a hype monster and it's going to bite them in the ass when the game isn't the attention keeping masterpiece they need it to be.

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