Yes, There Is A Blow-Up Doll In Modern Warfare 2

As seen in the upstairs shower in the cabin in MW2 by reader Adam.


    i'm surprised the game was balanced for that...

    Another interesting easter egg: In The Ballad of Gay Tony, in Luis' apartment, there's a black console o the floor next to the tv. And it's got the RRoD lol

    heh, my first though upon reading this article was 'I wonder if it deflates when you shoot it?'

    pixel nudity, ban it now

    Yeah, I found that, got some lulz out of it... it's on the top floor bathroom of Makarov's safehouse cabin. For an extra dose of lulz, try teabagging it in the spec ops map :p

    So this is what the dev team were up to when they were supposed to be implementing proper multiplayer support....

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