2009 In Review: The Disappointments

There were plenty of things to be happy about in 2009! Uncharted 2, Batman, the return of E3 and a PS3 resurgence to name but a few. But you know what? 2009 also had its fair share of crushing disappointments.

Things that should have been great, but were average. Things that should have been good, but were awful. Whether through accident, misstep or a good old-fashioned cock-up, here are what I think are the biggest disappointments in video gaming of 2009:

The PSPgo It could have been a revolution in video gaming. The dawn of the digital-only era, a rebirth for Sony's flagging portable. Instead, it's done little but underwhelm.

First, there were strong suspicions it re-purposed the casing from an existing Sony device, the Mylo. Then some retailers refused to carry it. Then a promised UMD exhange program washed up on the beach, while digital versions of existing games were slow to materialise.

Oh, and it didn't help it was priced at a ridiculous $US249.

In short, Sony have provided existing PSP owners with almost zero reason to purchase something the company badly needed to convince them to purchase. And consumers have responded, sales of the PSP having gone nowhere since the machine's launch.

Maybe they'll get it right with the PSP2!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer is, when it's not being exploited, wonderful. There's little to disappoint with that part of the package. But the game's singleplayer... oh boy.

The original Modern Warfare was a colossal entry in the field. It contained thrilling set pieces, an engaging storyline and memorable characters. All the game's sequel needed to do was provide more of the same, and millions would be happy.

But no. Infinity Ward tried to get clever. Tried to turn what had been a reasonably realistic tale of Modern Warfare into a Michael Bay movie. A rugged, lovable SAS Captain became a monologue-happy moron. The "your player is dead" trick was over-used to the point of becoming laughable. The "No Russian" level was an exercise in poorly-envisaged shock tactics, and the game's storyline would have confused Hideo Kojima.

It's not a terrible game by any means, as it still has its moments - particularly when repelling the Russians from the US - but when you look at the gulf in what could/should have been and what we ended up with, it ranks as one of the year's biggest disappointments.

Ghostbusters It's not enough that this was a Ghostbusters game. It was, in theory at least, supposed to be a third Ghostbusters film, written by the men who wrote the movies and starring the vocal talents of those same, gifted actors. What could possibly go wrong?

Try almost everything. Developers Terminal Reality seemingly had little idea how to build an enjoyable game around the experience of being a Ghostbuster, so instead settled on a series of limited, repetitive and frustrating mechanics to get us through. Boring PKE section, tiring ghost wrangling, boring PKE section, tiring ghost wrangling, etc etc.

The only thing to look forward to was the vocal talents of the film's stars, and even that was found wanitng, only Dan Aykroyd putting any real effort into a bland and forgettable tale.

Maybe it was our fault for getting so excited about a Ghostbusters game, maybe it was Atari's fault for digging up the licence in the first place, who knows. But when you make a game based on such a treasured franchise, and get serious Hollywood talent involved, it needs to be better than this.

DJ Hero Few people seem to comprehend how significant a failure this game has been for Activision. And how big a disappointment it's been to everyone else. This isn't some Guitar Hero spin-off; it was an expensively-backed assault on a market the mega-publisher believed was being excluded from its Guitar Hero franchise.

This was to be the phenomenon for hip-hop and dance fans that Guitar Hero had been for everyone else. Activision guessed right that, yes, that's a big market, and one worth capitalising on. What they got wrong was...everything else.

DJ Hero had to be "cool" to sell, and thanks to it's faux-rave setting, it wasn't. It needed to be hip-hop, and it wasn't. It needed to be dance, and it wasn't. What it was, courtesy of the decision to focus solely on "mashups", was a confusing, bland, fence-straddling mix of music styles that ultimately appealed to neither fanbase.

The publishers decision to focus much of the game's marketing efforts on DJ Shadow was perhaps most telling. This game needed to be "Endtroducing". All it was in the end was "The Outsider".

Killzone 2 Again, not a bad game. Just disappointing.

Consider the amount of money and work that went into the game. The amount of expectations placed up on its shoulders. The scope of its marketing, all the attempts to turn Killzone into Sony's own Halo, an evergreen sci-fi franchise for the core market.

In some areas, it succeeded. It certainly looks, and sounds, expensive. It should be praised a lot more than it is for successfully implementing a working cover system in a first-person game. And Brian Cox can make anything bearable. But only to a point; the rest of the game is equal parts forgettable and offensive, poor characters propelling you through a dreary wasteland of a game, populated solely by clichés and a world so depressing you wish Rainbow Brite would pop in and make a cameo.

Halo succeeds in much the same way Uncharted and Modern Warfare do: they serve as the gateway to a franchise, to a lifetime of fandom. They are summer blockbusters, games that not only excite, thrill the senses then leave you madly in love with a world and its characters. How else could so many people adore Captain Price, for example? Or the mute, faceless Master Chief? But in Killzone, who do you love? What makes you remember the game aside from an endless parade of grey buildings and a guy who swears too much?

Honorable Mentions Tony Hawk Ride - The way the series finally dragged its rotting corpse over the shark would have been disappointing to die-hard Tony Hawk fans. If there were any left.

WiiWare - If the Wii is the most successful console of the current generation, why is WiiWare - its digital shopfront - so awful? There needs to be more games on this service. Well, more games people actually want to play.

Madden - EA Sports' FIFA series continues to innovate, and show the world an annual sports franchise can also be a great game. So why does Madden get away with continually releasing what is essentially the ninth version of the same game?

That about does it for me, but what about you? What were you most disappointed with in 2009?


    Not sure I agree with Killzone or MW2 being there (both had particularly solid stories in my opinion), but what concerns me more is what ISN'T there.

    The lack of Starcraft 2, for one. DSiWare isn't particularly amazing, for two.

      i really enjoyed killzone 2. it was a well balanced game. i thought halo 3 recon would have been in the top before this game. now thats dissapointing. most expensive expansion pack ever

        not so much a disappointment, as we knew the price before it came.

        but halo 3: ODST as it is correctly known as, didn't necessarily disappoint with the campaign even though it was shorter and the firefight mode is as fun as anything.

        sales were strong and critical reception was great minus the part about the price. so not a real disappoint i would say.

    Here is my take on the biggest disappointment in 2009

    2009 was the year that we really saw the complete defiling of the of the music rhythm game genre, remember the good old days of 2005 when Guitar hero was the only people chose from and they actually didn’t put out a crappy spin off every other month. Guitar hero Van halen?, Aerosmith?, Lego, Band hero, have these developers not heard of overkill, too much of a good thing can be bad.

    And what’s more concerning is the fact than music that isn’t even guitar heavy is now coming forward as the main attractions of these games, Taylor swift in Band hero, seriously?, what’s next?. Just putting out a rhythm game for every genre of every music ever and putting out a new game of DLC every second day?. We have no lack of bands that are jumping on the bandwagon. So it could happen

    The really sad thing is that it seems to me that these games are no longer about innovation and gameplay, but about what company can sign what band for a tie in game quickest.

      I completely agree with this. Music games are a huge symbol of what is WRONG with the game industry today. Greed. Release a "game" with MINIMAL actual gameplay, then just add some fresh visuals for the next game featuring some other band, rinse, repeat. Those bands that don't get a full game, get thrown into games that are supposed to be about some other band, or used for an endless supply of overpriced DLC.

      These music games are worse than yearly Madden updates.

        Yea spot on, The pinnacle of this is Guitar hero Van Halen, it was just a tact on thing they included with GH5, its hardly worth its own game at all. You even have to play as the ageing Van halen rather than them in their prime. I’m not against exclusive game/band tie ins, as long as the developer can do something with it. Take for example The Beatles rock band, that game had promise because rather than just be the original formula with a new paint job they actually included a lots of facts and information and recordings that fan of the band would love.

          you know what guys? learn to play a real instrument. These plastic pieces of shite are dumbing down an already pretty stagnant pool of "music" available these days. Nothing exciting or forward thinking will ever come from this crap.

            On the contrary, I actually think the GH games and such is actually inspiring kids to get more involved with music. Pretty much all of these kids probably wouldn’t be inclined to pick up a real guitar in real life had they not had an introduction through video games. video games are a great gateway for these kids to actually pick up a real guitar.

            You’re right that music is pretty stagnant these days, but you’re pointing the finger at the wrong people, it’s not video games that are to blame it’s the music itself, it’s because the music industry puts on a pedestal anyone that can basically just talk into a microphone and auto tune it for a #1 hit. Kids just don’t have much in terms of quality in music these days, mainstream music anyway.

            But yea, a debate on who is to blame for the downfall of society is pointless, I blame Atkinson and Spiderman.

              I create my own music in FL Studio and Ableton Live. I am a real drummer, synth player and singer. But guess what? I love the occasional Rock Band or GH party. It something you can do with ANYONE. The "play a real instrument" argument is one of the most flawed counter-points out there. Some people just dont have the time or will to devote years of their life to getting good at playing an instrument that will only take them as far as a record company will allow. Playing in and getting good with a real band takes months to years of practice and i can only play with people that are fluent with real instruments. However, playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero only takes a few minutes and I can play with someone who has no musical inclination and have just as much fun.

              In short, I could tell you "Go join the army and fight in real wars", "Go climb real mountains and dangle from real trains while searching for real lost treasures of marco polo", "Go join a real spec ops unit and stalk real terrorists in the shadows with real night vision goggles", etc. and accomplish as much as you just did by telling these people to go play a real instrument.

            My other comment was directed to you.

      Agreed. I'll never buy another rockband/hero game after GH5, it was absolutely pathetic. They aren't even trying...

        I totally get that the developers stumbled upon a goldmine with the original GH formula back in the day, but one Google search of the sales figures show that they have been halved in 2009 as compared to 2008, and that includes DLC, people may want to blame that on the downturn in the economy, but it’s already been proven that the games industry had less of a hard time than the rest of the world, it certainly wouldn’t account for a 50% drop, i just think it’s because the developers are getting lazy, simply adding bass, drums and a signing section has all been done before, it’s nothing new.

    Wow - I probably only agree with the PSP Go and that's about it.

    Ghostbusters wasn't a Game of the Year contender but they did a great job. It's funny how people complain about the ghost wrangling when you're suppossed to feel like a Ghostbuster???

    Modern Warfare 2's single player was disapointing? Who buys Modern Warfare 2 for the single player???

    Killzone 2 was never going to live up to the hype. It's still solid, I loved the multiplayer and thought it did a great job. Again - I didn't buy this for the single player and there's not a lot of FPS's you should buy for the single player. Also Master Chief isn't a mute - just for a heads up.

    Where was Brutal Legend? How about Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and the fact they can't match the content that Sony Computer Entertainment America can offer? How about Prototype? No?

      "Modern Warfare 2’s single player was disapointing? Who buys Modern Warfare 2 for the single player???"

      Everyone who purchased it, because they could just patch cod4 in 6 months if they wanted to revamp the system. Also if you bought MW2 for multiplayer, I laugh at you.

        "Also if you bought MW2 for multiplayer, I laugh at you"


          No dedicated servers.

            No dedicated servers, and the fact that the multiplayer is completely unbalanced and terrible. Akimbo 1887's break the game. And so do the perks designed for maximum knife noob frustration!

              oh god thank you! i'm not the only one who hates those faggots who run round only knifing people or using Akimbo 1887's!

                The 1887s have been tweaked down in the latest patch, so that's something at least...

        I think it's more funny that people were willing to pay a premium for a 4 hour campaign.

          Exactly - the single player is tacked on and if anyone paid $100 for that then well I hope you got your money's worth because I would have been pissed if that's all I got.

    For me, it's the multiplayer thats the disappointment in MW2. The game is filled to the brim with so many glitchers, hackers and exploits that the multiple bannings and and patches to remedy have had little to no effect. not to mention the fact that some killstreaks are ridiculously overpowered and the same goes for weapons as well. I stopped playing a few weeks after launch, and haven't bothered with it at all.

    Actually, in retrospect, the singleplayer was disappointing as well.

    Bit harsh on MW2 I think, but you were right on about Killzone... it's good, but far from memorable.

    On the topic of Tony Hawk Ride though, I do consider myself a Tony Hawk die hard fan... and that said, I stopped playing the games after American Wasteland, but Neversoft lost their motivation after they went from "Pro Skater" to "underground" and so on. Ride though is a total laugh... you can tell it wasn't a decision by the developer to make it, but someone higher up who wanted to capitalise on the Wii/Guitar Hero thing... unfortunately it's up there with the Power Glove in terms of how bullshit it was, probably even more so, because where people look back on the Power Glove and smile, they'll look back on Ride and cringe... I so miss the old Pro Skater games though... before free roaming came along and ruined it. I wasted countless hours on THPS 1-4, the Undergrounds were okay, I guess... but I really wish they'd release some form of the old THPS games on XBLA/PSN, with the same controls/mechanics as the originals.

    I'd put the multi-player of MW2 WAY ahead of the SP as a disappointment.

    A game that was on many PC gamer's 'must-buy' list, made by a company that had always put PC gamers first, made many innovations in competitive and pub play of PC shooters, turning their back on the market that made them

      I understand where you're coming from, Steven, and I also lament the loss of dedicated servers (though most console games seem to have given them away long ago), but there's a point at which the PC community have to recognise that the reason this is happening is a desperate attempt to stave off rampant piracy - same with Starcraft 2. PC developers are keen to get full control of the online experience, because they want to be able to swing the banhammer when they find piracy, like Microsoft does with the 360 (sometimes...). If more folks still bought their PC games, then maybe they wouldn't take your dedservers away...

    Couldn't agree more about MW2. Yeah, it's a good game, but it just didn't stand up to the expectations i had after MW. The Michael Bay reference was spot on.

    Ghostbusters wasn't everything the third movie should have been, however it was lots and lots of fun and worth playing - plus we can hope they'll do another one ...

    DJ Hero - That was a very promising concept, unfortunately, it just didn't work. Aww. I was actually quite disappointed when it didn't catch on.

    MW2 - Recapping my reader review, I had a terrible multiplayer experience, and I liked the single-player, yet it was just a cock 'n' bull story.

    Tony Hawk Ride - If the board's as bad as they say, Tony Hawk's going down. Full stop. And to think I liked it back in THPS4 and THUG days.

    The PSPgo makes me want to sign up for hardware planning and design at Sony, because I'd do a better job than that. Over $400RRP, no UMD drive, no UMD conversion, needs a wireless connection to actually be useful? It's worse than a netbook in terms of gaming capability!

    WiiWare and DSiWare had no games. Period. Bring some more. Some GOOD more.

    Ghostbusters - from what I heard, it was OK. But from a Ghostbusters game where they actually got the original voice talent back in? Should've been expecting better.

    Ouchiewawa, we had a few bad chicken-ups (replace chicken with male chicken ;) ) this year.

    Yeh i have to say the PSPGO was a massive disappointment.

    AT first i though "awesome new PSP"... then more and more info just kept coming in and my interest just kept dying and then the announcement of the price was the final nail in the coffin.. such a shame...

    For me, though, there haven't really been all that many dissapointments this year. It's all up been pretty damn good. My only real gripe was the banning of the uncut LFD2 and then being fed the dumbed down game we have now (although modifiable if you have the pc version)

    Tony hawk ride doesn't really count - even for an honorable mention. I'm pretty sure none of us thought it would be superior to previous games or push any boundaries.

    Honestly, gamers this year have very little to be disappointed in, and if we were to sit around and complain too much we'd just be showing the world how much of spoiled little brats we can be.

    Bring on 2010 i say! hopefully it will be as good as this year!

      I think it was the potential behind Tony Hawks Ride that was the biggest disappointment. Sure no one expected Ride to be a bestseller, but I think people at least had some hope that this new direction would pump some life into the franchise. But yeah it turned out the way it did. It’s a shame too because the board could have been something great, but now other developers are going to steer clear of developing with the board in mind because it had such a huge stumble right out the door.

    Not sure why Ride was there, I thought it was assumed that wasn't going to be good anyway.

    My biggest dissapointment would still have to be Brutal Legend. This was a game which i, and many others, had looked forwards too for years and stayed patient for the game even through the Activision - EA lawsuit. What we got in return was a game with the great charm, plot and humour expected from Schafer but none of the great features we expected. It suffered from being trying too many things and producing mediocre results in all of them. Not to mention the surprise RTS twist which left many fans dismayed at having to think during their strategy game!

    Not sure if you could also Ccount L4D2's australian censorship as a dissapointment or not but it certainly dissapointed me and a good portion of the Australian gaming community when we were forced to be kinder and more peacful to our undead friends.

    Not sure i agree with the ghostbustes game being a dissapointment either. It was a fairly solid game and reasonably good only hampered by some repetetive elements. I wasn't amazed with it but i was amazed it didn't suck like most other movie games.

    Finally no dedicated servers for modern warfare 2 was a massive dissapointment, not sure why it didn't make it on that list.

      Brutal Legend was on my to get list (it came out on the same day as Uncharted 2, so I got that and decided to wait for BL) but as soon as I found out it was an RTS I decided to stay away. I don’t get why they would market the game as a God of war style beat em up with heavy metal and rock thrown in and then just turn it into an RTS game. It’s as if they actually had no faith in the RTS aspect of the game and decided to hide it from everyone until the game was out.

    Actually I think that was most harsh on DJ Hero, I wouldn't hesitate to call it one of the best music rhythm games I've played since GH2. Or perhaps it's just that I absolutely loved that it only really focused on the point-scoring crowd, and did everything to appease that audience and that audience alone.

    And I would probably put Scribblenauts in this list, and I'd probably go so far to list it as one of the major disappointments of the decade.

    Wow, thankyou! I thought I was becoming a gaming moron who should go buy a Mac and run only linux terminal programs on it. I found myself not liking Killzone 2, boycotting MW2 and laughing at DJ hero. I'm glad someone with some credibility agrees with my disappointments. Does explain why there is $700/$370 (rrp/yay) of lego under our tree and zero video games. My guess is GT5 for next years list, the time trial thing sucked jingle bells!

    The worst disappointment was HalfLife 2: Episode 3.

    I concur about MW2, single player was a real let down. Multiplayer was a real let down too because it takes FOREVER to get a proper group of 6 people into a game together. When you finally do there's a reasonable chance you're paired up against some glitching jerkbags.

    Totally disagree on Ghostbusters though. That game was an absolute blast.

    I would've bought a PSP Go if they had've given me a way to play my UMD games on them. But since that's obviously too hard (or rather, they'd lose too many double-dip sales), they didn't bother... so I didn't either. Oh well. Gaming on my iPhone has sent my PSP to the bottom of some drawer (honestly, I have nfi where it is now).

    My disappointements:

    - Dawn of War 2. Whack a mole gameplay with the strategic depth of a kitchen sink by design. Mega fails to recapture what made the original so good
    - Blizzard's announcement that Starcraft 2 will not have LAN play. Awesome idea Blizzard!
    - The DSi LL. Instead of making a new portable system, they just release yet another update (number 3!) to the DS. lolwat? How about concentrating on a new system?
    - Wii Motion Plus. Awesome tech and all, but where are all the games?
    - Australia (and Europe) being treated like crap in regards to the local releases of Rock Band games. Can you believe we *still* don't have Rock Band 2?

      I disagree on the DSi LL, you really have to understand it's target market, and realise that it is exactly what it needs to be.

      One of the great things about the DS/DSi is that it does have a ton of great games that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

      The LL makes it a LOT easier for older people and people with poor eyesight to enjoy portable gaming.

      It was not meant to be a revolutionary new DS, or the Most Powerful Gaming System Ever. It was purely meant to be an /accessible/ gaming system for casual players.

      I have a near-blind friend who can't play a normal DS. but the LL is perfect for her. Likewise, an aging relative.

      The LL is proof that gaming isn't just an 18-25 year old man's world anymore, and kudos to Nintendo for embracing that fact.

    I'm just going to touch on a few of the above...

    PSPgo can agree with, there will ALWAYS be a market for physical goods, so moving to complete digital distribution at this stage is simply too early.

    Factor is it's price point, it was far too expensive. Game price points were abit better, as some new release games were cheaper on the store front. But the store front fell down because of it's infrequency to update.

    Sony will need to move to at the very least multiple updates per week if they want to keep the PSP users happy with content.

    Killzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2
    Modern Warfare had to live upto one of the best games of the current generation, while Killzone 2 on the other hand was living upto it's graphics targets and Halo killer name.

    MW2 - Single Player was shorter than the original, the multiplayer was/is completely buggy, though I still enjoyed my time with Single Player, it wasn't broken...

    K2 - Graphics-wise, they got pretty damn close to the infamous E3 Video back in 06/07 whenever and graphics-wise is still a benchmark for a FPS on a console. Decent length for it's campaign, multiplayer not quite as 'deep' as others, but solid and not that many issues. Far superior to the original Killzone. So for me, Killzone 2 wasn't a disappointment at all...

    Ghostbusters - I enjoyed it also, the story was amusing and allowed me to overlook alot of it's major issues, mainly framerate, though online was craptastic! :(

    Ride - The first game is always the worst, especially when you radically change the concept. Activision were committed to getting it out the door before the end of the year, for it's major markets. Thus delays for alot of territories, otherwise feel as though alot of other developers would have sat on it abit more and refined it.

    It's price was also astonishing, US$129 or something, that would be something like AU$200 by the time it gets out here. Price is everything, and the price for Ride killed the series as soon as it was announced, the reviews just buried it.

      It was E3'05. Long time ago, I know :)

    I'd have to say the list was spot on. Ride and PSPGo were definitely the worst disappointments. Also, the music games are definitely getting worse, as discussed at length above. Singstar's not even trying anymore, and Rock Band's becoming exactly like GH, pumping out worthless spinoffs, despite whatever they say to the contrary.

    MW2 was a major disappointment in my books. The SP was overblown, and I agree with all the statements in that it tried way too hard to create an action movie. Also, the length was absolutely pitiful compared to some other campaign's. Paying 100+ dollars for multiplayer, which, frankly, is completely broken, and a lacklustre single player ranks as a massive disappointment for me.

    Scribblenauts also sucked for me, it was an awesome premise but completely failed to deliver on the promise of word-writing action. Great premise, poor execution. Censorship was also a farce, especially letting in games like AVP when, honestly L4D2 is tame in comparison. But each to his own, I guess.

    I'm still disappointed with the mass of shovelware on the Wii. I understand why people would want to market the mini-game collections that are ever so popular, but it just dilutes the quality of the console and doesn't help the reputation of the Wii as a casual console, which it's turning into with these crap games being released in droves every month.

    Again, on the PSPGo it was meant to revitalise Sony's portable, but it was completely a failure, since most people don't have capable ISP's and don't understand how digital distribution works.

    Forza 3. It's good, but for the game hyped as the 'definitive racing game of this generation', its pretty crap.

    The PSP Go! was a complete failure but there is an upside to this: the Sony PSP 3000. New games are still released as UMDs and it is 100% compatible with the PSN network not to mention it's better to hold and has a compelling price. This is the most ridiculous thing about the PSP Go - Sony's older 3000 is so good and equally capable that it practically killed the Go.

    Another disappointment: the Wii Motion Plus. Sure it's great with the two games it supports.

    I love MW2 Multiplayer and the singleplayer was really fun, you dont go to see a Michael Bay movie expecting a great story and you dont play a sequel of a war epic shooter for it either.
    If you want to see a great storyline go see a film eg. Transsiberian, but dont expect it from a FPS.

    Why is ODST not on this list? ODST should be on every single person in the world's "biggest disappointment of 2009" list, even if they haven't played a video game before!!! It was downright underwhelming to the point that the only reason anyone wants to hang onto it is because of the Halo Reach Beta next year. Hell, I was heavily considering giving it up despite the beta... until I saw the trailer for Halo Reach, now I just have to play it asap!

    Since when is Guitar Hero all one type of music, and why is DJ Hero getting chastised for "mixing" it up? I've been playing the Wii version and thus far have found it a barrel full of win. If it was all dance music, it'd be a failure. If it was all hiphop, it'd be a failure. Because it crosses borders, JUST LIKE GUITAR HERO DID, it's a win for me.

    Go play Noiisa - Groundhog on expert and tell me you don't feel like a freakin' man.

      DJ hero failed for a few reasons

      DJ hero really has no memorable songs if you think about it, with the exception of a few bands most of the bands featured were total unknowns, this is only made worse when you factor in the whole mixing aspect of the game, any memorable songs you play are spliced with songs you’ve never heard of (Since when do the Hip hop crowd go out and listen to drum and bass or techno?). let’s look at the GH games, most of them always had a few songs that everyone remembers, once you hear the song you know exactly what the solo or chorus will sound like. DJ hero doesn’t have this. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that right out the door this meant DJ hero had a tiny audience.

      It certainly doesn’t help that DJ hero came out at a time when the market is absolutely saturated with exactly the same game, sure you don’t have a guitar, but if it looks like GH and feels like GH it may as well be GH.

      But lastly and probably the biggest reason is that DJ hero isn’t like its counterparts because its not a party game, it’s not even a game you’re really meant to play with anyone else, all this time Guitar hero has been about getting your friends together and playing as a group, this was a huge step backwards.

      I think the idea has potential, but sadly the sales of the product (just over 200,000 in the US) all but guarantee that this wont be turned into a yearly thing.

    Disagree with KZ2 being on the list, but hey, that's purely subjective - I loved it far more than MW2.

    However, DJ Hero is on the money. The Renegade Edtions are $99 at GAME right now, in case you need any further proof of that colossal cock up by Activision.

    Just wait until TH:Ride lands here as well, hooooo-ee... /slowclap.gif @ Activision.

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