2010: A Better Year For PSP Games?

How can it not be? A new Metal Gear Solid, a new Kingdom Hearts, a new Valkyria Chronicles, maybe even that new Resident Evil with be released, all tailor made for the PlayStation Portable are due next year.

Granted, many of the highlights of 2010 are either remakes, spin-offs or tinier versions of their higher-definition siblings bound for the PlayStation 3, but maybe you'd prefer to play them on the go to begin with. You'll have to make that call for yourself. But after a fairly OK 2009, we're going to go out on a limb and say that next year will be much stronger in the games department—but we'll not make any bets until Capcom releases a proper Resident Evil Portable screen shot.

Let's have a look see. And, of course, please suggest your own personal PSP highlights from the coming year

Note: We'll be looking at every platform's currently announced and estimated 2010 slate over the course of the rest of the week-and much much more.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Hideo Kojima takes us back in time for the next Metal Gear Solid for the PSP, a follow up to the PlayStation 2 classic Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and previous portable entry Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Expect lots of Snake on Snake action, with a major emphasis on cooperative gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep The PSP entry in Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts series also takes us back in time, as Birth By Sleep is a prequel to the PS2 original. Expect all-new gameplay for the series, an epically long adventure and multiplayer for up to six Disney-Square Enix fans.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Sega shifts its focus to the PSP in this sequel to the under-appreciated PlayStation 3 tactical action RPG. Despite the platform change, the younger crowd and a step down from the fantastic visuals of the PS3 original, the rock solid gameplay appears to be intact.

echoshift The spin-off from the perspective shifting original echochrome keeps the same minimal graphical treatment, but offers all-new time shifting gameplay.

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake The PSP port of the PlayStation Network real-time strategy action game looks to offer a portlier set of modes.

Hot Shots Tennis You know how this works. Clap Hanz puts some big headed jocks into a game and make it good. Hot Shots Tennis offers one more reason to take your PSP to court.

Invizimals This Pokemon-like monster hunting game uses the PSP's camera to find hidden Invizimals in the real world, similarly trapping them with a real-world tool.

Army of Two: The 40th Day Total fistbump destruction on the go. The coop shooter is one of a handful of third party PSP games built on the foundation of now-generation console games, giving portable gamers all the Salem and Rios they crave in a smaller package.

Dante's Inferno Go to Hell with the portable version of Dante's Inferno. Like Army of Two, EA is bringing what appears to be a capable port to the PSP. Perfect for the on-the-go gamer who wants something similar to God of War: Chains of Olympus.

Shadow of Destiny Konami returns to the PlayStation 2 time-traveling adventure, bringing us a straight up port of the murder mystery in tinier form.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories This re-imagining of the original Silent Hill for the PlayStation has already been released on the Wii, but portable gamers with fond wishes of Silent Hill Origins may want to consider this. It's unlike any other Silent Hill, for better or worse.

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 Third-person shooting action. Ex-KGB agent killing. Lots of guns and an incredibly long title. If the acronym had never been invented, we'd call it Special Operations Command: United States Navy SEa, Air, and Land Forces Fireteam Bravo 3.

Eye of Judgment Another PlayStation Portable game based on its bigger PS3 brother. This time, the camera gimmick has been done away with, giving card-based fantasy game fans something to do with their PSPs.

Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass Not three games, but the start of a trilogy, a third-person shooter set in a world where Duke Nukem must shoot things or terrible things may happen. But there's a very very good chance it will actually come out.

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! 2: Time To Tighten Up Security! Protect Badman once again from a flood of hopeful heroes by taking up your pickaxe and sending loads of monsters at them! Looks like this one will ship on UMD and on the PlayStation Store.

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Really, you can never have too many versions of Lunar, even if you've played the original Lunar: Silver Star on Saturn or any of the other enhanced remakes. This classic Japanese role-playing game even comes in a new deluxe package!


    I'm really hoping to put my PSP to good use this year. In terms of decent releases for PSP, this year was quite sad.

    Looking forward to KH: BLS, and Silent Hill.

      Dissidia is the only PSP game I've needed this year, well over 100 hours logged.
      One of few plusses to being a fanboy, when you get a game with massive fan service, you don't need another one for ages :) :)

        I'm with you here. Just over 80hrs now in Dissidia, with no end in sight. Made it my holiday resolution to finally get Kingdom Hearts finished (I stopped because of that (@*$*íng annoying underwater level and never went back), so when Birth by sleep comes out I'll be all ready :)

    Invisimals is already out here: did Australia get a game months before the US? *gasp*

    Also, Valkyria, Fat Princess, Silent Hill and Shadow of Destiny might be enough to tip me over the edge into buying a PSP.

    Great list, Kotaku. It's given me some stuff to research...

      yeah ive had invizimals for a while now.. thats the first ive heard about dantes inferno and shattered memories on psp SICKKKK loved the dantes demo for PS3 more than god of war 3 demo and shattered memories will look even better on PSP

    To anybody who's interested in Peace Walker, there's a demo right here:


    My thoughts on individual games:

    -MGS: This is gonna rock. Full stop.

    -Kingdom Hearts: I never really played Kingdom Hearts. Sounds alright though.

    -Valkyria Chronicles 2: Heard good things. Just hope the gameplay stays rock solid.

    -echoshift: The original was a fantastic puzzler. Hopefully this turns out to be even better.

    -Fat Princess: I kinda liked the idea, I just hope they fix the AI.

    -Hot Shots: Ick. Tennis.

    -Invizmals: Wait - people actually have cameras for their PSPs? I had no idea!

    -Army of Two: It'll be OK, but if it doesn't have online co-op, it's gonna suck.

    -Dante's Inferno: Blood. Lots and lots of blood. Chains of Olympus will probably fare better than this one though.

    -Shadow of Destiny: Time travel is used when the developers are all out of ideas. Honestly.

    -Silent Hill: It'll never beat Resident Evil. *cough* except for 5 *cough*

    -SOCOM: Get the controls right, fun multiplayer and they might have a premiere action title here.

    -Eye of Judgement: If you need to get away from Yu-Gi-Oh! it's probably a good idea.

    -Duke Nukem: At least this one's gonna come out!

    -Holy Invasion (Can't be bothered to type the
    rest): This was...my WTF moment for the month.

    -Lunar: Never heard of it. Probably overshadowed by Final Fantasy.

    This year wasn't all that bad... things like Dissidia FF, LittleBigPlanet and Star Ocean Second Departure where just some of the game that kept me entertained Much more than the DS did anyway. Plus I've been keeping myself entertained with older Japan-release PSP games too.

    From that display of games there it really does look like 2010 will be a good year for the PSP, sure as you said the majority of them are ports, remakes or tiny versions of their bigger siblings but they're still good, especially for someone who still doesn't have a PS3/360 yet :S

    I think people have just gotten used to saying that every year was crap for the PSP without actually looking at what come out...

    Nice to see a different Duke Nukem game there. I don't see the PSP doing as well anymore, the iPhone has taken off way too much and the games are so cheap - they might not be as good generally, but you're paying a very small fraction of a PSP game price. Also the game I played the most on the PSP - Puzzle Quest, is on the iPhone anyway.

    They're going to have to come up with some A+ titles to keep the momentum going, or some other value add (maybe some PS3 games that use a PSP).

    As a PSP-2000 owner I agree that going forward surely it has to be a better year for the "not sure where it fits in the market" PSP brand.

    I've enjoyed a handful of titles on the platform but too many AAA titles specifically designed for the heavy hitters (360, PS3) provide poor ports to the handheld world.

    The sooner developers target these devices key attributes of short sharp sessions. Easy to grasp controls and limited and hard to govern gaming sessions (e.g: Your train has arrived and its time to pack of the PSP and walk to work) the better.

    I guess it is naive of me to think that a device with such a small install base will get a developers dedicated focus but is sure would help the devices longatively. I think iPhone game developers should target this platform more so than the triple AAA bigger brother console focused studios.

    The only 2 PSP games I remember from this year are Dissidia and Little Big Planet.

    Small install base?

    Its sells like crazy in Japan - it beat the Wii quite a few times this year and was the No 1 console quite a few times this year as well. There are lot of units out there, its just the piracy...

    I logged a LOT of time on Dissidia and Patapon 2 this year, a fair bit on Prinny, and I need at some stage to go back and finish Final Fantasy Tactics (I must confess that despite being a fan of "tactics"-style games, and of Final Fantasy, that one didn't quite click). And I have a very cheap preowned copy of Disgaea for PSP somewhere to go get to. Maybe 2011.

    Getting PS3 and PlayTV on Boxing Day, so that's a new lease of life on the PSP right there.

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