2010: Looking Back On Kotaku's Look Ahead

We're 10 days from New Year's but tomorrow is the winter solstice, starting us on another trip around the sun. And a new year that will be full of its own controversies, challenges, triumphs, disappointments and delights in video gaming.

This past week Kotaku put a comprehensive look into its crystal ball, breaking down what's ahead for the major platforms, while also looking at the agendas and priorities of games' top influencers and constituencies over the 365 days to come.

This is our equivalent of baseball's hot stove league, when the season's done but there's still fun in pulling up a chair to opine and speculate. Please rejoin us and your fellow readers in the following features and discussions of 2010, the year to come in games.

2010: The Year Of Better PlayStation 3 Games? 2010: The Year of Better Xbox 360 Games? 2010: The Year of Better PC Games? 2010: The Year Of Better Wii Games? 2010: The Year of Better Nintendo DS Games? 2010: The Year of Better PSP Games?

What Won't Be Coming To Video Gaming In 2010

You're A Gamer In 2010 ... What Will You Do? You're A Game Developer in 2010...What Will You Do? You Run A Big Game Publisher In 2010...What Will You Do? You're A Video Game Retailer In 2010...What Will You Do?


    This is looking to be a great year in videogaming; I can't wait!

    Too bad I'm starting VCE next year... :p

      Yeah, 2010 is going to be a blank chapter in your gaming life for you.

      Don't worry about it. All you need to do in Year 11 is to pass so you'll be able to sneak in a few hours of gaming.

      I'm in year 12 next year. No time for anything whatsoever. No FF13, GoW3 & Heavy Rain. D:

        I did year 12 last year, got a good score, and the xbox was on almost every day. It's not the end of gaming.

          Asian Parents = High Expectations of getting 90+.

          Would this be achievable for me? lol

      Hack your VCE so you have more time to get back to important stuff - like gaming :-)

      Get your parents to put aside some cash for a regular tutor (or start saving), enrol in an after-school educational program like TSFX and use a free Q/A website like Merspi to post your questions.

      You'll breeze through!

    What happen to "2010: The Year of Better Sony PSP Games"?

      It's now up.


    There's probably enough awesome games coming out in January alone to last the entire year to be honest.

    Can't freakin' wait.

    Oh yeah. 2010 will be great. Even if all the games suck, there will be a sequel to the greatest game ever, Mario Galaxy. I am pumped.

    2010. Hmm. Might be OK. Can't really beat too many of the Triple-A releases of this year though.

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