2010: The Year Of Better PlayStation 3 Games?

2010. Year of the... No, we'd better not go there. But next year the PlayStation 3 is set to have a very big year in North America, thanks to the arrival of God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII and better than ever third-party developer support.

Granted, 2009 will be hard to top, thanks to the arrival of games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Killzone 2, Demon's Souls, Infamous and some strong multiplatform contributions. And it was the year that the PlayStation 3 reached a more consumer palatable price point and a whittled down redesign. But PS3 owners are getting two Final Fantasy games next year, alongside original efforts like MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain and—god willing—The Last Guardian. And they're getting their own motion controller, the PlayStation Eye enabled magic wand that may be known as the PlayStation Gem, plus some games to go along with it.

Let's take a look at the PlayStation 3's announced and expected 2010 line up, minus a few titles—we're talking about you, Metal Gear Solid: Rising—that we just don't think will make it here before 2011. Let's begin.

God of War III The third installment in Sony's epic God of War franchise makes the leap to the PS3, adding to the list of mega-blockbusters in Q1 2010. Word on the street is it's nifty.

Gran Turismo 5 Polyphony Digital's car sim is finally here. No more HD demos, no more Prologues. This is the real deal.

Heavy Rain This story driven investigative mystery asks the question, "How far will you go to save someone you love?" And how far will the unique, graphically impressive Heavy Rain go in winning over PS3 owners?

The Last Guardian Hate to say it, but The Last Guardian feels like something of a long shot for 2010. But we hope that Team ICO, creators of two of the PlayStation 2's finest adventures, can impress us with their first PS3 outing next year.

White Knight Chronicles Level 5's traditional role-playing game finally makes it stateside.

Yakuza 3 Sega gives North American and European PlayStation owners one more chance to recognise the beat 'em up gangster greatness that is Toshihiro Nagoshi's Yakuza series. The Japanese action adventure game joins a crowded Q1, but offers something unique.

MAG Zipper Interactive, famous for its SOCOM shooter franchise, goes that much more massive with MAG, the 200-plus person multiplayer shooter. Will SOCOM fans follow?

EyePet This fuzzy virtual pet, a cute monkey-dog thing, is already being enjoyed by PAL PlayStation 3 gamers, but North America gets EyePet next year. Hopefully, that means some extra time to tweak the PlayStation Eye sensitivity of the pet sim.

Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix's long-promised, gorgeous role-playing game is finally here. Already out in Japan, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game is the first multi-console release in the series, the first for Sony's current gen console.

Final Fantasy XIV Online The sequel of sorts to Square Enix's first Final Fantasy MMO, Final Fantasy XIV Online gives the PlayStation 3 double the fantasy.

Army of Two: The 40th Day

Battlefield: Bad Company 2


BioShock 2

Dark Void

Dead Rising 2

Dead Space 2

Dante's Inferno

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Lost Planet 2

Mafia II

Max Payne 3


Aliens Vs. Predator

Fallout: New Vegas

EA Sports MMA

UFC Undisputed 2010

Alpha Protocol


    No Red Dead Redemption?! Shame!! :P

    Since this list isn't PS3 exclusive, let's add Red Dead Redemption. Or why not just cull the list to pure PS3-only titles?

      Cause if they culled it to exclusives it would be a pretty short list :P

    I guess because even the non-exclusives add incentive to pick up a PS3.

    Fallout New Vegas is to do with two guys holding each others arms?

    How many of these will be banned here? T__T

    In case anyone was wondering we here in the PAL regions aren't actually enjoying the Eye Pet, we're putting it in a plastic bag, filling it with pee, heat sealing the bag and and then parcel posting it to Sony.

    most of them arnt exclusives, so no this will not be the year of ps3.

    Out of the bottom games i want to try out 12 and at least half of them willing to buy. But they probably won't be played on the PS3.

    But the top of the list is very good. This year was pretty decent for the PS3 - it may not have gained its best-seller or that game that everyone is talking about and playing. But it sure as hell got the game that everyone was talking about, critics and Xbox gamers. And thats Uncharted 2 - so i think Sony can be pleased with themselves this year aswell as 2010. Oh and Killzone 2 aswell - kinda forget about that cause it was released so early.

    It's a really good line-up even though a lot will be available on the 360. But for owners of either console, both for me, 2010 looks to be a great year so far. Def be checking out Heavy Rain, buying GT5 and *maybe* FF XIV Online.

    I was really expecting a, oh and FF XIV Online is also on the 360 - but that may not happen anytime soon. I guess it might become the next MGS4. I'm surprised that hasn't received a 360 port even though it was successful. I would much prefer to play it on 360 for XBL and all, but if i'm desperate, guess i gotta use the PS3.

    it cant get much better, loving my PS3 more than ever, this is living, its almost our two year anniversary too,

    I don't think there's much 360 exclusives coming out either so the list would be just as short anyway.

      360 has some pretty good exclusives coming: ME2, halo reach, fable 3, splinter cell conviction, crackdown 2 off the top of my head.

        Do games that also come on PC count as Exclusives on 360?

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