3D Realms CEO Vows Duke Nukem ‘Resurgence’ In ‘Next Few Years’

3D Realms CEO Vows Duke Nukem ‘Resurgence’ In ‘Next Few Years’

Scott Miller, the 3D Realms cofounder who came out looking somewhat better than eternally dithering partner George Broussard in Wired’s recent profile of Duke Nukem Forever, claims that “numerous other Duke games” are in development, some meant for casual gaming.

Miller, quoted in the “first printed issue of Gamesauce,” says “the next few years should see a strong resurgence in Duke.” Shacknews, which spotted the article, says Miller remains sanguine about the prospects of a franchise with one published title since the Clinton administration.

There are numerous other Duke games in various stages of development, several due out this year. We are definitely looking to bring Duke into casual gaming spaces, plus there are other major Duke games in production.

Miller says “almost all” of those projects are unannounced, but, Shacknews points out they likely include:

β€’ Two Duke iPhone games Miller previously announced.

β€’ A Duke Nukem Trilogy for DS and PSP, from Frontline Studios.

β€’ The Xbox Live Arcade port of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

β€’ A scrapped project called Duke Begins, alluded to in Take-Two’s lawsuit against Miller and Broussard.

And, of course, Miller repeated the obligatory tease that Duke Nukem forever is not dead. “We’ve never said that Duke Nukem Forever has ceased development. … Yes, we released the internal team, but that doesn’t correlate to the demise of the project.”

Sorry, but at this point, games or GTFO.

3D Realms Teases ‘Numerous’ Duke Nukem Games, ‘Looking to Bring Duke into Casual Gaming’


  • Duke Nukem was pretty much what added the ‘sex’ into first person shooters. Nowadays, if you’ve got a female lead, she HAS to be sexy.

    What’s the bet, on any odds you like, that the said game might be toned down in Australia for our audiences.

    • The original DN3D was toned down in Australia. However, the patch to remove the editing was included on the disc, as well as instructions on how to activate it. Nice move by 3dD Realms there πŸ™‚

  • Isn’t ‘Duke Nukem Trilogy’ supposed to be out already, I’ve been waiting for it ever since I heard about it all that time ago!

    • The trilogy is vaporware almost as certainly as Duke Nukem Forever – I’ll believe in these games when I see them on shelves, and not before. Just too many promises turned to disappointments…

  • Not sure about everyone else but this actually brightened up my day πŸ™‚

    The one sad bit about 3D realms demise was the fact that there might not be any more news like this…I mean what kind of a news year would it really be without some Duke Nukem rumors ^_^

  • Screw that… 3D Realms have lost my respect 100% since that “stay tuned” DNF trailer in, what? 2006? There has been nothing since then… the one thing real Duke Nukem fans want, the one thing that would be so easy to deliver on… is the one thing we’ll never get. All of the other Duke Nukem games were fodder, and now it’s what they want to sell us again? In iPhone versions?

    How can they make an FPS so good that nearly fifteen years later, people are still waiting for the follow up?… and then not do it? No… It’s almost as if DNF is some kind of sick joke, I hope they get sued for all they’re worth… The best things 3D Realms have done in… ten. Fucking. Years… Is porting Duke 3D to the XBLA, and of course the game everyone forgets, Prey… which what do you know, was meant to have a sequel as well… but we haven’t heard a squeak from them since the game came out.

    Tl;dr, Don’t expect a god damn thing from 3D Realms. They’ve never delivered anything we’ve wanted, and they probably never will.

    • They won’t. The internal 3D Realms development team shut down. The only people to develop under that name will be external parties.

      Be happy.

    • Arrrhhh, but it wouldn’t be if they’d just release what they’ve already made… check this out, it’s a long article, but well worth the read… http://www.wired.com/magazine/2009/12/fail_duke_nukem/all/1

      George Broussard essentially delayed DNF because of the technology… what he fails to realise is that it wasn’t Duke 3D’s graphics that made it such a memorable game, it was the humor, the guns, the interactivity and the general over the topness of it… all of which could have been achieved on current gaming engines, but he always wanted to go one better tech wise… and that’s why he kept scrapping HIS OWN games… We could have had a whole series of amazing Duke Nukem FPS games, if it wasn’t for Broussard’s stupidity… Duke could have been an incredible series, not just one game that never came out… that’s if Broussard had just listened to reason…

  • Seriously, Duke Nukems time has been long gone,
    there isn’t as a large audience there for duke as there was years ago.

    Any Duke Nukem game they release now will only fail. The new generation of gamers don’t know or dont care about Duke.

  • no one cares anymore

    it’s one of the most overrated games ever made and continues to be because of this ‘running joke’ bullshit

    all they did was steal quotes from evil dead and put it in a generic shooter

    gamers have grown up and moved on

    • Duke was far from generic… you just didn’t play it when it was new. Yeah, that’s totally all DN3D was, shows me exactly how much you know.

      AndyN, if you think the “new generation” don’t care, how come the average gaming age is around thirty? Hell, I’m 19 and I played duke when it was new… and just look at the sales of Duke 3D on XBLA and tell me there’s no market… the only new generation of gamers since then are the ones who now play the Wii.

  • Duke nukem casual games? What, like Duke Peggle where you have to bounce a ball off a wall of strippers? Plants vs Zombies vs Duke?
    Duke Nukem Elf Bowling?

    Whats next, World Of DukeCraft?

  • 3D realms will never be remembered for anything other than DNF, even if they make the greatest game of all time, they will always be the guys that never actually made DNF. 3D realms have already admitted that every trailer they have ever shown for the game was not gameplay. Honestly they should just tell everyone that it’s never going to happen and finally end this charade. Who the hell takes this long to make a game anyway?, if they really had any desire to make it we would have seen it years ago.

    I’m sure that sooner or later some other developer will buy the rights to Duke Nukem and make a mediocre FPS game, at least then this stupid joke will be over

    I think I’ve gotten more enjoyment reading the Duke Nukem list than I ever would have had playing this game.

    Check it out


  • Duke Nukem Forever will never die. It won’t be born either. Hence the ‘Forever’ in it’s name.

    I look forward to the Trilogy, though, from what I’ve heard it sounds fun, although some gameplay footage would be appreciated.

  • I’m just going to come out and say it.

    I hate Duke Nukem.

    There. I said it.

    Its not that I don’t like FPS shooters, ( I loved Doom, and Blood and Quake and 3d shooters etc )… I just find Duke Nukem dull.

    Give me the original 2D Dukes over Duke3d anyday.

  • Duke Nukem Forever will have to be the greatest most graphically brilliant, awe inspiring FPS ever made (at time of release) or all the reviews will read we waited 129 years for them to release this game and it’s crap. My grandfather’s brain in a Jar told me he played the original and it’s nowhere near as good. Of course Grandpa was a poor High School Student back in the day and only had 1/4 the game on something called Shareware.

    To which people will ask what’s a school? Did it take more than 1.5s to install all the knowledge you’ll ever need into your brain via a chip?

    If I’m alive when Duke Nukem Forever comes out…

    It will probaly be the shock of seeing a real copy availble to buy that kills me.

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