A Bayonetta You Can Touch And Pose

Well, not quite yet. The unpainted prototype for Square Enix's Play Arts branded Bayonetta figurine was revealed at this year's Tokyo Game Show. At the Jump Festa this month, a painted version was finally shown.

Here you go. The fully poseable figurine, along with character Jeanne, has not yet been dated. One day, it just might be!

Compare with the custom Bayonetta figure.

JUMP FESTA [棺桶にはプレイアーツを入れてくれ via FF Merchandise via Tomopop]


    Her head and neck are the same size.... her head is also the size of one of her breasts.... somebody contact the circus!

      Man that's nothing compared to her legs, which are easily 2/3 of her body weight. She's a human grasshopper (or would be, if she was real and not just some dude's mildly creepy fantasy woman).

      Heh, I actually love how exaggerated she is and all! Bayonetta's kinda sexy, but more so than not, she's totally awesome! And this figurine is just that, awesome!

      Would be cool if it came with the PAL Limited release collection though.

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