A Call To Arms

One of Australia's EB Games asks customers to visit a website to weigh in on the issue of the country's out-dated rating system.


    the link http://www.ag.gov.au/gamesclassification

      Thanks for that. Also, this is really good to see. I didn't think EB Games cared about the debate, but I guess it'll make them some more sales, so it's worth their while to pitch in.

    Wait... Mr Crecente is STILL in AU? how long is his bloody holiday? :p

    ALL EB GAMES/JB/GAME should have the sign :)

    Complete respect to whoever put that up. *Hugs*

    I think I know where that was, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to say though..

    And about time too. Get the public in on this idea. Let's just hope it spreads like a viral infection.

    Can I just say that Gametraders has been lobbying for years now to try and introduce an R18+ rating. They have held many petitions, and they have represented gamers multiple times in the media to push the R18+ issue.

    Submission complete.

    Incase you are wondering you don't even need to write up an argument. You can just fill out the questionnaire and email it back.

    Get submitting if you haven't already.

      But as it's a submission, not just "voting" like the ill-informed EB Manager/Employee seems to think, you are better off putting forward your personal well reasoned and _mature_ thoughts for supporting R18+ than just filling in a cookie cutter questionnaire section. The later just gets rolled up into statistical results where utilising the ability to comment puts a more person face to your response with increased likelihood of comments making it into the submission report. You can bet those opposed to R18+ will be writing all they can within the submission guidelines to argue their side.

    That's great to see. I guess that amongst the guys who know nothing about games (I seriously had an EB Games staff member try to sell me a Nintendo X-Cube), there are a lot of EB Games, GAME and JB staff that are actually passionate about games, and who keep up on developments.

    I've had a few conversations with staff down at my local EB about rating issues (particularly post L4D2), and most of them know their stuff.

    It's just good to see them putting something out there - parents in particular should be aware of the rating issue, and this is a great way to let them know.

      I had a guy yesterday telling me all about the "XBox 720" that was supposedly coming out in 2010. Took about 5 minutes before I finally realized he was talking about Natal. Seems I've got a better idea of what he's talking about than he does.

        Those kind of employees make me want to facepalm. I'm lucky the guys at my local JB/EB are pretty knowledgeable about games, and I can stop in for a chat, trade in games and stuff. I understand the guys at JB not being that informed on games, as JB is really a media retailer, and they need to be a little bit informed on everything they sell, and can't really focus on one subject, at least not in their own time.

    Yeah I've been posting this link anywhere I possibly can, I've got a lot of my IT guys at work also doing the same thing. The more this gets out, the better chance we'll have.

    I sent mine in as well. It only takes 5 minutes.

    I happen to know that if EB knew that sign was up, it would be taken down straight away.

    EB wouldn't have a view either way for or against it, they certainly wouldn't allow employees to put that sign up as all signage in store must be 100% endorsed via Head Office.

      After this, can we vote on the ridiculous AU pricing scams on games and consoles?

      Bingo to this... I've been in my local store when they have those ridiculous mid year sales, when they do all the red banners...

      On this day, the area manager was there, he was continuously advising that there wasn't enough banners up, the place wasn't red enough...

      A hand written sign by an employee put up in the store? there is no way they would allow this.

        Wait does that mean when I went down to my local EB and they had a horrible hand painted sign saying it was crazy wed-NES-day sales and stuff like ROFL and LOL all over it, that it might have been endorsed by head office?

        They even wrote all over their uniforms in paint. I personally thought whom ever came up with it was just an idiot, but now I'm wondering if it might have been some 'edgy/new' idea from head office.

    I completely agree that EB would not be allowing this. It is not in their interest to get R18 or any retailer for that matter

    It puts a whole lot more legal requirement on the store and also means they can't sell games which should be 18 to 15 year olds and therefore less money.

    It's not good for them so they don't want it. Read between the lines people.

    Also does anyone know who you report breaches of the classification laws to. TWICE this week I saw Kmart sell MA15 games to Minors, two different Kmart stores.

    One of the kids seriously looked EIGHT. It's shit like this that gives Mr Atkinson his ammunition and I intend to report them because clearly its an institution wide problem.

      This doesn't gel with what I've heard from within the industry. Retail has no objection whatsoever to an R rating. Indeed, after what happened with Left 4 Dead 2 - which resulted in them losing many sales as gamers imported en masse - I suspect they're very much in favour.

        What I don’t understand is why a video games company like EB or GAME doesn’t just bankroll a group like Gamers 4 Croydon. I think $20,000 would even maybe buy some TV adverts, that’s probably tenfold what they lost due to people not buying L4D2

          Perhaps because that would make G4C little more than a corporate lobby group, rather than a fledgling political party? Atkinson would have a field day on the campaign trail if he can paint a small single-issue rival as "big business wants to take away your democracy!!"

          And I'd have to think that DW's on the right track - retailers want an 18+ because then they lose less cash to imports. If they're instructing staff to remain neutral, as Stephen mentions below, then it's mostly to avoid a scene in store if a self-righteous but ill-informed parent walks in. No one buys crap while they're arguing...

            they could get around it by making a political donation rather then a complete bankroll

            hundreds of other companies (Rio Tinto, BHP etc) do...

      Yeah, I've seen minors buy MA+15 games tons of times. Despite how cool the guys at my local EB are, they don't give a shit how old you are, just that you've got money, and money = good. I remember a few years ago I was even able to purchase MA games myself. The system's a joke, and they don't enforce the purchase of games.

      An R rating doesn't really change the legal requirements on EB much. There are already games restricted to 15+, it just means they'll have to ask for ID for 2 sets of ratings not one. And it doesn't seem to have put too crushing a burden on those who have been selling/renting DVDs and video tapes for the past 25-30 years.

      I know exactly how you feel. I work at JB, head games, and the amount of times i'm behind the counter with the girls, watching them casually put through MA15+ games/movies to kids is disgusting. I wait there until said kid arrives at the counter and ask them myself if they've got ID and completely show them up.

      This is why we can't have nice things. If you can't look after 1 pet, how are you going to look after a 2nd.

    At JB Hi-Fi our staff have been told we have to retain a neutral stance to the issue if it is raised with a customer. We're allowed to enlighten them about the presence of the issue but that's about it.

      That sign looks pretty neutral to me; I think that all they're doing is enlightening people about the presence of the issue, and a mechanism to have their say officially.

      (Of course, when the opposition wants to stifle all debate about an issue under a wave of hyperbole, even a neutral sign like this is a statement of support for R18+...)

        Yeah, i've seen a couple of these signs in various eb games stores and they are very neutral, just raising the issue. But I think we can all agree that simply raising the issue is enough, half the reason its been shiot down in the past is cos the average person doesn't know that this debate is going on

    I also happen to know head office wouldnt be very happy about how dirty that counter looks.

    Just put in my application now. Used 246 of the 250 words allowed in the comments section. For the R18 classification of course, not against.

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