A Little More Info On Xbox Live For Mobile Phones

A Little More Info On Xbox Live For Mobile Phones

We’ve known for years that Microsoft would be expanding Xbox Live beyond the Xbox console. Heck, with Games For Windows, it’s (practically) already started. Still, new info is always appreciated!

A job posting on Microsoft’s site for a Principal Program Manager specifically asks the successful applicant to “drive the platform and bring Xbox LIVE enabled games to Windows Mobile”. That’s the part we knew.

Some new stuff, however, comes in how they’ll be doing this, saying “This person will focus specifically on what makes gaming experiences “LIVE Enabled” through aspects such as avatar integration, social interactions, and multi-screen experiences”.

So… your avatar can hang out on your 360 and your phone. That was a given. The “multi-screen” part is interesting, though. Remember how the GameCube and GBA could link up and share game info? Like, how in Wind Waker you could get little maps and bonus info on the Game Boy Advance’s screen? This might be like that. Only, people might actually use it.

Principal Program Manager [Microsoft, via Gizmodo]


  • Would Microsoft make this available for Iphone?, I know its apple and all, but the lord knows no one owns a Zune, And other App stores like Nokia’s Ovi store is still in early days.

    • LOL @ Justin.

      I know, i hate how MS have sold out and gone all mainstream. And how the Original Xbox wasn’t and it never had real popular games or Xbox Live cause they were do independant.


      In regards to Andrews comment; Windows is available on a Mac.
      Enough said.

  • No… I pretty much resent Microsoft nowadays for three main reasons, #1 the amount of 360s that have died on me, #2 the Wii clone 360 OS, with Mii’s… I mean “avatars”… and no option to keep the more functional, less embarrassing blade system, and #3 I bought a Mac and found out how an operating system should work. I’m not going to bother with this, Xbox on phones is a very bad idea… coming from someone who’s been an Xbox fan since the original came out… I HATE what they’ve done to the Xbox brand, it’s mainstream and disposable now.

    If the PS3 didn’t haev no gaemz, I’d happily drop Xbox all together, and Micro$hite along with it.

    • lol totally agree i got a box, but i got a mate with a wii and i must say the first time i saw his mii i chuckled 😉 second time aswell, and now i will never see it again cause he just got a box 😀

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