A Modest Proposal For Holiday YouTube Videos

Every year, I always end up seeing this home video on YouTube as everybody gets into the holiday spirit. I'm sick of it. I want to nominate another video clip in its stead.

Now obviously, you're not going to get the exact same reaction from another pair of fresh-faced youngsters opening up their first major home console (not unless they're hamming it up, anyway). But perhaps you could have a non sequitur video that's only tangentially related to the holidays. Or video games for that matter.

Here's a few for your consideration.

First, the Japanese Zelda rap commercial. It's directly game-related, entertaining and doesn't even mention the holidays so persons who abstain from Christmas or what have you don't feel left out.

Second, President Obama and his talk with kids about Christmas and The Sims. Very much on-topic, if a bit hard to hear and there's a lot less screaming.

Finally, how about Easter Bunny hates You? Sure, it's not related to video games and it's the wrong holiday — but it's way more entertaining to watch than two kids flipping out over the Nintendo 64.

Got your own holiday YouTube recommendations? Hit me up in the comments — I'll be at my sister-in-law's house, pretending to not be Jewish. Happy Holidays everyone!


    Mr spoon would vote for the Easter Bunny video of those listed above. Mr Spoon could not vote for the Zelda video, as it has been uploaded by his arch-nemesis, Sailor Spork.

    Mr Spoon also offers up the following spoon-themed video for your holiday perusal:


      Splayds are better than both spoons and sporks.

        Mr Spoon is disturbed by the concept of this "Splayd". Mr Spoon may need to consider an alliance with the Spork people should this Splayd menace come to fruition...

        That's not a spoon, this is a spoon!

          That's not a spoon, that's a knife!

    Now we can rent games from Blockbuster!
    Nintendo 64 remote control car!

    That video is filled with should-be net memes. Automatically wins my vote.

    How about NOOOOOO? Only 1 of those vids even relates to Christmas, (or any holiday in December/January) and it is a very boring clip of Obama talking to kids. I love the Easter Bunny clip, but it doesn't work for X-mas.

    See the N64 clip actually works, because it's something people can actually relate to about the holiday. Plus it is amusing. (well it WAS amusing)

    NINTENDO SIXTY FOURRRRRRRRR .... remote control .. carrrrr .. . gets me everytime .. !! pure win

    I present to you, Laddergoat Guy... I have no idea why this isn't more popular, the subject of the video isn't that funny, but this guys reaction to it is hilarious... I think he's playing Call of Juarez, or something... he laughs for five solid minutes... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggB33d0BLcY

    And this one truly needs no introduction... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQpcO8x6NNY

    They're not exactly Christmas related, but lol worthy none the less.

    On a lesser note ? what lesser? from me ? .. I watched this horrible video of a boy opening a xbox 360 only to find clothes inside on XMAS day!! IT WAS TRAUMATIZING EVEN AS A VIEWER !! I R DISAPPOINT!

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