A Phat Slice Of Cake

PS3 Game Cake with two games, one incompatible. Created by Debbie Does Cakes and seen via PS3 Maven [thanks Julius]


    That is awesome! I'd love one! The black sheen on it looks as delicious as it is spot on, too!

    And, besides, the name is cute, Debbie Does Cakes, hah.

      Yeah, but I bet the icing shows finger marks pretty easily...


    Ok, I'm impressed by that.

    I want this cake. Nah, but that's awesome. It looks like liquorice too, it's so shiny.

    How sad it would be to start cutting into that cake. I had a look at her other cakes, wow she makes some weird things.

    I give you: The uteris cake


    I'd be pretty interested to see the recipe. And the calories you'd put on by eating it.

    Oh found a few more:

    Toad from Mario Kart

    Super Mario Cupcakes:

    R2D2 Cake:


    Iphone cake:

    Laptop cake:

    Hmmm... Emotion chip or choc chip?

    Haha @ the Uteris cake, but wow, she's really, really awesome! Those Mario cupcakes are just amazing!

    Ckeck out the Darth Maul cake, as much as I dislike the new Star Wars related crap, this cake is unreal!


    Those cakes are awesome. Odd choice of games though - surely if you were going to the trouble to make this cool a cake, you would make sure the games matched? Not just some random PC game. Still, points for the glossy finish and the old-school Spiderman font instead of the new one. I'm also particularly impressed with the controller - the detail on that is great!

    If I had someone making me cakes like that, they wouldn't be doing anything else - I'd see to it :P

      Yeah, I'd love to see a 360 and some of my favourite game on cake form. The Spiderman font was awesome about the old PS3, it was sharp and edgy. The new font is too soft and rounded, I reckon.

      At least I know what cake I want for my next birthday. :D

    I'm just going to be picky and say - I don't remember the controller ever having 2 d-pads.

    I wish I could make cakes like that :-(

    I guess she doesn't know their is a PS3 Slim?

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