A Retro Gaming Room I Could Die In

I've seen many a lovely retro gaming room in my lifetime, but this one from Netherlands resident donkey*kong makes me want to lay my head down on his Famicom pillow and quietly pass away.

It may be a little Nintendo-centric, but you have to admire the guy's passion. Just about every major and many minor consoles are represented, presented much as one would imagine a really nice retro gaming museum would look if one exsisted outside of donkey*kong's house. This is a room I would enter and my eyes would try to move in 200 directions at once, possibly exploding in the process. I could spend hours pouring over these pictures. Hell, maybe I will.

See anything or everything you like?

My Otacool Room [Figure.FM via Dannychoo.com - thanks togovero!]


    Wow. Wow. Gimme gimme. How many pieces of hardware and software are there? This could only be outweighed by the Big Pile of Crap.

    This is pretty sweet. This guy must've spent a fortune on this stuff, or he's collected from when he was young. Also I spotted the small part in the sixth image with the coloured Nintendo 64 controllers, back then I thought they were the shit. And the coloured consoles. They were awesome, but we only had Red, Blue and two see-through ones.

    I reckon this stuff would be worth a mint in a few years, and probably now, if he's kept it in good condition and with accessories.

    Ah, but is he happy....?

    By which you mean "poring", surely.

    Snap prediction - this man's kids (if he has any) will never be allowed to enter this room. Ever.

      I notice none of the pictures has the rare GF console featured, let alone the Wii-F upgrade, so no KDZ's add-ons are likely to be obtained for the foreseeable future...

    That is so hot... I'm starting to get alot of crap to fill out a room also and will one day deck out a room of a house... don't have alot of super retro hardware and software though...

    though once I win Lotto... alot more can be bought! :D

    My mind is well and truly blown

    /Opens Cheque Book

    How much?

    WOW! This is awesome! I have a retro room set up in my house which is much much smaller with a couple of tvs and about 10 consoles, but it has nothing on this! I am really jealous right now....

    I am speechless. Utterly amazed.

    I want a room something like this in my future super-mega-gaming-sex-entertainment-relaxation-apartment-turbo-housen that I will simply call "home". I will get to the door and say "game time" or "sexy time" and the appropriate rooms will come alive with just the right music, lighting, toys and food ready for me and my guests :)

    Spotted something I loved to play - Thousand Arms on PSX.
    Top game.
    Meis...what a funny bastard.

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