A Touching Tribute To The King Of Space Pop

This is some Space Channel 5 cosplay from Comiket, and for once, Ulala isn't the centre of attention.

No, the focus of this piece is the amazing Space Michael, which following on from months of teary-eyed celebrities and dirty cash-in movies is probably the sweetest tribute to the fallen pop idol as we've seen.

[コミケ77]ゲームキャラのコスプレギャラリー<その1> [Kotaku Japan]


    Awesome cosplay - never thought a Japanese man could look like MJ. But, I was wrong.

    Nice cosplay. BTW - As much of a cash in the 'This Is It' movie was, it was really nice to see Michael Jackson as a (somewhat) normal human being, rather than the 'crazy sicko' people ignorantly believe he was.

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