Ace Combat Xi Launches On IPhone

Is that experimental flight technology evaluation squadron Falco in your pocket, or have you not yet downloaded Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion, available today on the iTunes App Store?

The People's Republic of Leasath has launched a sneak attack on the Federal Republic of Aurelia, and it's up to the Falco squadron to rock Amadeus and barrel roll all over their sorry asses. That's the basic plot for Ace Combat Xi for the iPhone and iPod Touch, now available for $US4.99 from Namco Networks. The game features an original story, HD quality graphics, full 360-degree flight combat, and environments ripped from satellite imagery to give the whole package a hunt of realism.

Answering the question Crecente poised in his hands-on, there sadly doesn't seem to be any multiplayer, but the price is right, and the promise of downloadable planes in the future leaves me hopeful that something pink and [email protected] might be in my iPhone's future.


    "HD quality graphics" lol

    Anyway, totally buying it. And will be a DLC whore and get any and all [email protected] DLC they release for it, too.

    God damn it I just bought F.A.S.T which was very well received and I must say a fun jet combat game. Im going to have to wait for this one.

    I love Ace Combat games but the thought of playing it on a phone makes me cry.
    I've never actually tried it though so if someone i know gets it and lets me have a go on their phone I might change my mind.

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