ACT Attorney-General Confirms Support For R18+ Rating

ACT Attorney-General Confirms Support For R18+ Rating

The ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell has weighed into the classification debate by announcing his support for the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games.

In a letter written to Gamers 4 Croydon founder David Doe, Corbell outlines his position:

The ACT supports the introduction of an R18+ classification. This classification would ensure that games with adult content are sold only to adults and that the purchasers are fully aware of the content of the games. There is evidence that many people are purchasing games from overseas and over the internet, and because the games are not classified, they may have little or no information to enable them to determine whether this is something they truly want to view or use.

Corbell joins Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls in support of a change to the classification system. South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson is the only censorship minister to voice opposition to an R18+ rating, while the remaining six Attorneys-General have yet to publicly express their views.

From the office of the ACT Attorney General [Gamers 4 Croydon]


  • Awesome. Now they just need to raise the issue again and perhaps talk about adding a State level classification, to force Atknison to concede.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but Michael Atkinson has made it clear he will always oppose the idea.

      Even if all of the Attorneys General publically come out and show support, Michael will not budge.

        • I guess, well PERHAPS, if all other Attorney-Generals voice their support for R18 rating and Atkinson still says no, i guess if it was that important to them, they could turn around and say, “Well Atkinson, you know that thing you want pushed, yeah well NO!”

      • yeah we need unanimous support from people but if all the AG’s are for the change and theres enough outcry from gamers which if all the others supported it there would be a significant increase in it

        any opposition would be able to say that hes on a moral crusade and no longer representing the public of australia in which he was elected for (remember politicians are meant to work for us(and they get paid damn well for it)) it would also go against some of the things in the past as it sheds doubt on what has/hasnt been enforced because he has his own agenda/belief that doesnt allign wth the public

  • OH SWEET YES YES YES! Now we have actual state electorates supporting Gamers4Croydon. Seriously, we cant loose! I wonder if old games on old systems which got banned will get re released? Like Manhunt. Not that it was a good game. I played it, very mediocre. But say, if we get the R18 by end of next year, would they re release aliens vs predator or l4d2 for us with full gore?

    • In time, yes.

      The thing is, once the R18+ gets introduced, it doesn’t automatically rate any previous games.

      They have to be resubmitted/re-evaluated to see if they fit the R18 category.

      Sounds a bit silly. It means that the companies would have to want them re-evaluated, and the review board would have to go through them again. That will take time =/

      • We need a *but* rating.
        “This game is RC. BUT, if we had an R rating it would get that.”
        That would cover us if it ever changed, lol.

      • Yes, it would take time but I suspect for cases like L4D2 and AvP they’d do it. We not be a huge market but we’re big enough to warrant a simple resubmission. It’d also be a good idea if they get in quick because I imagine there’s going to be a few games that get resubmitted which will create a bit of a backlog.

        The down side to having to resubmit means that games that have already squeezed in to MA15+ are likely to remain there. And if (hell freezes over and) Mr Atkinson does concede and the R18+ rating goes ahead, he’ll wait six months and then point to the GTAs and Fallout3 and the like and say “look, there’s proof that I was right all along, those games are still MA15+! Now all you’ve done is bring in more violent games.”

        G4C and the other AGs need to start planning for the changeover too.

  • As an adult gamer and voting citizen in this country for over a decade I’ll admit most political debates or stances have little tangible effect on my quality of life. The R18+ classification for video games would for better or worse be the first real issue I’m passionate about and it astounds me how little I can do about the issue.

    I guess there is much truth in the saying “Patience is a virtue”

    • > The R18+ classification for video games would for better or worse be the first real issue I’m passionate about

      Welcome to politics. 🙂

      > and it astounds me how little I can do about the issue.

      Welcome to politics. 🙁

    • “As an adult gamer and voting citizen in this country for over a decade …be the first real issue I’m passionate about”

      Stop being selfish, grow up, and have a look around at what is happening in the country/state/municipality in which you live. THIS is the sort of apathy that is eroding our way of life, much more than an obstinate Attorney General in SA.

      • I know of the asylum seekers issue and have a stance on it. I care about the homeless issue and believe there should be more support for the homeless to get them back into society. I think there should be more done to prevent bullying in schools. However I am not passionate about any of these.

        I am also passionate about games and truly believe there should be an R18+ rating for games in this country. I find your comment rather simple minded, ignorant and hateful. What are you passionate about? I bet you aren’t really passionate about, enough so to significantly influence your vote, funding for intellectually disabled welfare. That doesn’t make you an ignorant or bad person. We are all different and have different interests.

  • Who wants to bet that no matter what all the other GG’s say Atkinson once agains goes against it. He has his head so far up his own arse his adams apple is his nose.

    • You’re probably right, but as some other people have pointed out if the other AG’s all support the introduction of the rating, one of his key arguements – that there are other AGs who agree with his decision – will be blown out of the water. If anything it’ll still be slightly helpful to us since it proves Atkinson is pulling imaginary facts out of his arse.

      We might not be able to vote Atkinson out, but the best we can do is whittle away Atkinson’s overblown arguements like these and try to expose the very obvious flaws in them.

  • My mum’s a couple steps below Corbell in the Attorney General’s Department here in Canberra. I’ll get her to pass on our thanks if she can

    • Gamers4Croydon have got you covered there.

      From what David said in this article, of the 6 Attorneys-General to not publicly express their views, 2 have privately shown support for the introduction of an R18+ rating. Effectively this means only 4 have yet to really make up their mind.

  • I’d just like to point out, we technically only need 6 AGs to approve this.

    the northern territory and ACT don’t officially count on the list of AGs required for R18 ratings because NT and ACT are territories and not states, by being territories, it means their local goverment, state level policies and the like are controlled at the federal level.

    the ACT AG could introduce R18 right now on a state level, but the federal government can veto it in a heartbeat, so don’t count ACT and NT AG votes as anymore then “We’re friends of the government approving this plan”, for that reason. The ones you need to have say yes are the states, and the federal level AG, the territory AGs saying yes are just a bonus.

  • Of course, in that light tho. The ACT and the NT are the only countries with X rated videos and movies, the Feds love it when they can get their porn and prostitutes, so they dont interfer in ratings. I can’t see them blocking the ACT or NT in an introduction of R rated or even X rated games in the territories even if the states dont approve it… As long as the pollies can get it, to hell with everyone else.

    • i don’t understand how they are the 2 places that arent illegal but you can walk into any porn shop in any state and they are not hidden under the counter. there is actually no other videos in there but x-rated ones??? this has never made sense to me

  • Email your Attorneys General and ask them! while you are at it, email your shadow Attorneys General and as them if they would support an R18+ classification if they were elected into power.

    I have emailed both for Tasmania, and so far I have only had a form-response from an Administrative Assistant to say that the Tasmanian AG will “reply at the earliest opportunity.” 10 days and still waiting 😀

    • I got a reply from the AG in Tasmania. I sent it to G4C and it’s on the correspondence page.

      I sent two emails in two months and got one another month later, so settle in for a long wait mate!

    • You get a much faster reply if you write an actual paper letter rather than an email. I think there is a perception that if you take the time to write a letter, address it and put it in the post that you are more serious about it.

  • For as long as Atkinson is in power there is no chance of Australia getting an R18+ rating for games.
    End of story.

  • Excuse my ignorance… but as long as rAtkinson is still in power, there isn’t a hope in hell of getting a R18+ classification??

    • Yes, but he has been saying that all the other AG’s were off the same opinion as himself and that they didn’t support an R18+ rating.

      With added media exposure and confirmed support from the other AG’s it will put a lot of pressure and the spotlight on Atkinson and has paper-thin arguments.

      Hopefully leading to people voting against him in the upcoming election. Either that, or hes found to be corrupt by the ongoing inquest… either way works for me.

  • Incorrect,

    As long as Atkinson is in power, there is no possibility of R18 for South Australia. As Queensland has already demonstrated and NSW, VIC and ACT have hinted at, they are quite prepared to create a state level R18 classification, that means that those states, and those states alone will be able to classify games as R18, even if Atkinson doesnt want it.

    It’s just harder to pull off then having Atkinson vote yes.

  • I emailed Atkinson 2 or so weeks back, he replied strait away asking for my address to validate to ensure i wasn’t an ‘internet phantom’. So far he has said nothing, ive sent 5 follow ups, dude is a total prick. Doesn’t care about anybody but himself.

    • The ‘adress validation’ is his only tactic to keep gamers away. It started off as a scapegoat since he thought gamers were genuniely too scared to use any name apart from our online alias’. Beyond that it’s just ignorance.

      It’s probably not worth it anyway. The reality is that he’s never going to say anything to any individual person, especially nothing we haven’t heard before. Every time he goes public with his stance he reiterates his stance and adresses a few of our newer arguements to create some excuse why they’re invalid or wrong.

    • Not only that, it happens to poke holes in a few things Atkinson has said. My personal favourite:

      “Were an R 18+ classification introduced, the RC category would still exist for games with, for example, gratuitous or exploitative depictions of sexual violence, such as the sexual assault simulation game Rapelay.”

      So there goes the argument of the Classification Board sneaking it in at R18+ (even though we all know that it would never be submitted to begin with).

  • The Home Affairs Minister, Brendan O’Connor has just released the following press release:


    Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’Connor today encouraged people to share their views on whether an R 18+ classification category for computer games should be included in the Australian National Classification Scheme.

    “I urge everyone with an interest in this issue to contribute to the discussion so the Government can ensure all community views are considered,” Mr O’Connor said. “I regularly receive representations from both industry and gamers seeking the introduction of an R 18+ classification for computer games, as well from as those opposed to its introduction.”

    Mr O’Connor stressed that neither he nor the Government had formed a view on whether the Classification Scheme should include an R18+ Classification for computer games

    “We are releasing a discussion paper rather than proposing a change so we have an opportunity to gauge all community views on the subject,” the Minister said

    The discussion paper is available at Interested community members can register their views on the accompanying submission template by email, fax or post. Full address details are available at the web address above. Submissions close on 12 February 2009.

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