Ain't No LAN Party Like A Swedish LAN Party

As seen on the "world's largest digital festival" host Dreamhack's Flickr feed. [via Gizmodo]


    I don't get it. Is it a LAN or a concert? I hope they don't have the tunes pumping when you are trying to concentrate on hearing the footsteps in counter strike for example.

      They're called headphones. At full volume. :P

    *looks up price of a ticket to Sweden*

    I'm getting the whole Basshunter vibe that went around a few years back... Now I know that it was true!

    holy crap

    And one day someone will invent a LAN-capable game large enough to accomodate all of them at once.

      Yeah its called MAG on the PS3.

    imagine the jimE-watts of energy that event is churning through.

    its sad cuz there are more and more games not including LAN

    so whats that say for the Future of LAN partys not much by the look of that cuz we will always have counter strike

    my bimonthly local lan is around 100-200 peoples . The local uni holds bigger ones, and im sure there are more at capital cities. probably not as big in comparison to swedan, but shows that lans are far from dead. It would be incredibly stupid to make a game that doesnt support lans these days. Most of the bigger name games became huge because they were so good and accessible at lans, eg, call of duty, c&c, and starcraft.

    I was watching that LAN last year on it's webcam. Made me wish we still had decent LAN's but they all die when counterstrike gets played all night and then people don't go to the next one cause it was the only game played.

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