Aliens Vs Predator Refused Classification In Australia

Sega may not have bothered to submit upcoming shooter Aliens Vs Predator for classification in Germany. But they did in Australia. And we've just heard this morning that those efforts appear in vain.

A statement from Sega reads:

"SEGA Australia can today confirm that the initial submission of Aliens vs Predator has been Refused Classification by the Classification Operations Board of Australia. We will continue to investigate all options available to us, including the possibility of appeal."

We have contacted the Classification Board to obtain their report and will update you when we know more. Hint: it might have something to do with what happens next in the screenshot above.


    This game wasn't even on my radar - now I may just have to import it to see what the fuss is about. Well done classification board!

      Contrary to popular belief the purpouse of the classification board is not to hide games from people. They classify games and when a game is too violent and clearly beyond the maximum classification they can give them they simply don't classify the game.

      That doesn't make the game banned or illegal, it just means it can't be sold in Australia on retail shelves.

      So you're not being a rebel or in anyway particularly criminal for importing the game, there is no crime in owning the game or purchasing it overseas and bringing it in.

        Actually, it is officially a crime to import and/or play a copy of a game that has been refused classification in Australia. It is an extremely grey area (realistically, NTSC copies of a particular game are a different sku that can't be illegal to import for personal use as the NTSC sku would've never been submitted to the Classification Board, and therefore hasn't been Refused Classification, and therefore isn't illegal to have a copy of), but from a legal standpoint, your imported game can be seized at customs and you can be fined for importing a RC game.

        This doesn't tend to happen that often though, as customs officials either are unaware that these games are RC'd, or have much better things to do than worrying about a piece of software.

      Directly quoted from the report -

      "The game contains violence that is high in impact and is therefore unsuitable for persons aged under 18 years to play"

      Is this for real? I mean, I know it isn't their fault and all, but it really just felt like the OFLC was rubbing it in our face just a little bit

    I know whats wrong.
    The aliens are an endangered species. and killing them is a vile act against humanity.

    O wait...

      Hehehehe... perhaps someone from the OFLC is an alien in disguise?!

        Lol so Men In Black was real. It would be a real shame for this to get banned after the appeal. Its aliens for crying out loud. Killing people is what they do best.
        Next we will see a title such as Destroy all Humans get banned thanks to extreme violence against people. It's utter stupidity i tell you

    And since the publishers have already stated that they will not modify the content to fit any country's classification schemes, unless the appeal works, we will not see this game at all in Australia.

    Anyone else get the feeling that when Michael Atkinson started making press against the Classification Board, the Board started tightening their classifications? Could be a coincidence, but it sure feels like it isn't.

    I am hoping it will have the other effect though: a clear case of ham-handed classification and enough momentum to see real change.

      I agree, I've been thinking the same thing

      I totally agree, I don't think it's conincidence that we start seeing more RCs after Atkinson comes out publicly and criticizes the ratings board for being too lax. I'm curious whether it was his public comments that are driving the ratings board to be more hard, or if he's privately contacted them and applied pressure for them to adhere to his uber-strict regulations on MA15+ games.

      If this keeps up, it's going to do one of two things: it will either highlight the ridiculousness of Atkinson's stance on the rating system and force the overhaul we gamers want (hopefully this is what happens), or he will maintain his stance, force harsher restrictions and eventually destroy the games market in Australia.

      It's entirely possible that there's a concerted push from within the classification board itself to ban more titles simply to make gamers angry so that they get off their fat asses and do something about it.

    No local release, no local dedicated servers? No point in importing!

    Also I think the "rip-their-spinal-column-out-of-their-body" finishing move for the Predator might have literally been the straw that broke the Marine's back.

      how so its selling the product in australia thats illegal its my own perogative to set up a server running the server side software for a game

      a better point would have been banned game less than 50,000 imports why bother there wouldnt be enough people to play with

      Alex: Don't forget about new zealand! While not as fast as Aus servers, you should be able to play with the Kiwi's with relatively low latency if you import a copy ^^

    The irony is the movies are probably more violent.

    I knew this would happen, I remember the devs explaining how detailed the "trophy kill" system was and new we wouldn't get it.

    Not going to stop me from getting it though.

      "Knew" not "new". Now I look stupid, not just the OFLC.

        I wouldn't call them stupid. This game is definitely one that needs an R18+ rating, and without the ability to give it one, they're simply doing their jobs.

          Wasn't *calling* them stupid, said they look it.

          Ok ok, I retract my statement. I was just frustrated haha.

      I think I hear the BitTorrent networks crying in fear that they are going to buckle under client demand.


    And you wonder why many people pirate games in this country. Pathetic Atkinson and Classification Board. I hope them kids enjoy more Underbelly and CSI.

    wow, this IS unexpected. i had hoped to return to the glory days of AvP multiplayer when this game came out. even today a 3 team fps is pretty unique.

    why couldnt they keep this game and ban all the AvP movies instead =(

    RC is on the rise!! Argh!!!

    Rabble rabble rabble *Blame Atkinson*
    Rabble rabble *blame the system*

    I'd be suprised if no-one saw this comming. Import away.

    So David, what happens next in the above screen shot? Does the Alien pump the human with morphine and therefore giving the human an unfair advantage in sports (and points!)? Perhaps the Facehugger gets involved in vile depraved acts of sexual volience with someones mother and daughter?

      They kiss.

        No wonder that got it banned. We can't have the youth of today thinking they can get all sexual with aliens, or that aliens even have babies. It would be a new age of depravity where anything could happen. Next thing you know we'd have a gay president running things and women would get equal pay at work!

    The Classification Board banned a video game? Is it Friday already?

    Seriously though...this is now beyond ridiculous. Surely, SURELY, there has got to be a way to stop this government-imposed censorship. Last time I looked, I didn't live in Iran or Venezuela.

    The scene that dave refers to I have seen. The player as the alien can rip a head from the body of a human with the spine attached in full graphical detail

    i knew this wasn't goign to arrive uncut.

    The fact is, the more games are banned the better off the R18 argument is going to be. Once it shows just how many games are getting banned then industry is going to start a major push on it, even more so then they do now.

    Fun fact, same thing happens in Aliens vs Predator the movie which is rated MA15+ time for some parity for fuck sake

    I was expecting this to happen.

    Everyone kept making comments on the updates that the game was very violent and could easily be RC'ed. At that point I had a feeling this game would be RC'ed.

    On the bright side, we still have import options, and this places more pressure on R18+.

    now when i say RC, you say import,

    This is starting to become a weekly ritual. It's only a matter of time before a AAA game release is refused Classification.

    Banning more and more games will certainly bring out more lobbyists and attention of the voting public and hopefully force the issue with the government. Especially now they are looking down the barrel of a double dissolution next year if the ETS is smacked down again by Cardinal Abbot and his cronies.

    My message to all gamers; get involved in the next Federal election and make our antiquated 20th century classification system a real issue.

      A couple of AAA games have already been hit with an RC and modified so they can still be on our shelves.

      Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead 2 are the biggest of them.

    Sick of showing your outrage on comment boards?
    Then join up with the G4C crew and make your voice heard!

    I agree with Mr Cullinan. This is just another blow that truly highlights the definite need for an R18+ classification within this country of ours.

    With the number of games banned in the past two years, it makes me feel like we are living in a dictatorship!

      Democracy is nothing more then dictatorship of the majority. The problem though is that the concept of majority is clouded by the SYSTEM of democracy we use. Majority can really mean 'the swinging minority on marginal seats' and not a much broader part of society like mature gamers. What I'm trying to say is a handful of fundy christians can hijack our 'democracy system' and railroad it towards their end goal and the problems with this don't end at video game classification.

      Realise your vote matters and be careful where you give your preferences. Labor, with appropriate power would deal with this issue but with Fielding, SA's Attorney General or the Liberals in their way they are unlikely to be able to.

      Make them realise this. Send them letters. Tell them you're telling your friends the same thing. You won't stand for a minority bullying you and limiting your freedoms.

    oh ffs another game i was really looking forward to

    Clearly we need about 14,000 people (give or take) to move to Croydon, then register to vote there & knock Atkinson out of his chair. easy!

    In theory anyway.

      If you can get me an IT job there and pay for my move, I'm in

    Okay that's it. This is the first game refused classification that I was actually interested in.

    I'm wondering if this game features anything more violent than the movies?

    Dev's need to wise up to the tried-and-tested method of submitting the game ultra-violent, then toning it down in a revised (read normal) version

    Not happy.
    I have been waiting forever for this game.
    People should be able to play what ever they want to play. Let them determine the game for themselves before you ban it. arghhhh I am now having the worst day ever.

    When they eventually cave and give us an R18+ rating, I hope the caveat is they can still ban movie tie-in games just for fun.

    It would be a public service. I remember when stores like Myer still had serious game sections, and inevitably you would go there and they would have shelves full of copies of some lame movie tie-in game or celebrity endorsed game and zero copies of anything you wanted.

    The infamous one at Myer in the Melbourne CBD was the two shelves full of "Britney's Dance Beat" for PS or PS2, I forget which. Every few months when I was in Myer, walk through the game section, those shelves were still there. I can just see Myer management saying "even Britney games aren't selling, obviously no-one buys games anymore, get out of that business"... oh, and they also had shelves full of "Enter the Matrix" and "The Emperor's New Groove" for years on end. It was embarassing.

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