Amy Hennig Takes Your Calls During This Week's Podcast

Cliff Bleszinski tried to fill Brian Crecente's podcasting shoes last week. This week: Bleszinski has passed the guest-hosting loafers to Amy Hennig. The creative director of Uncharted 2 will guest-host our live podcast this Wednesday. Call in!

Hennig joins Ken Levine, Tim Schafer and Bleszinski in Kotaku Talk Radio's short podcasting life.

On Wednesday at 11am Kotaku Time (that's 1pm ET, 10am PT), you will be able to call in and ask Hennig anything you want about Uncharted 2, Uncharted 1, sequels, how to make cut-scenes people want to watch, games of the year and who knows what else.

Look for a reminder post about the podcast at 10:55 AM mountain time (12:55 ET) on Wednesday. The post will include call-in info so you can ask your questions. The show will be live at 11am MT, 1pm ET. That's Wednesday. Two days from now.

Bonus points if you call and DON'T ask about anything called Uncharted 3.


    "Bonus points if you call and DON’T ask about anything called Uncharted 3."


    *Head explodes, :-P*

    Uncharted 3? Pfft, screw that, someone call and see what she has to say about Legacy of Kain.

    Hmmm I'm tempted to hop on Skype and call in but I don't think I can be bothered getting up at 5 AM (Sydney time) to do it.

    Yeah I totally want to see what's happening with Legacy of Kain!

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