An Early Look At The Warhammer 40K MMO

Texas-based developer Vigil have been working on a Wargammer 40K MMO for years now. And in all that time, have shown only a single piece of concept art. Let's add a little to that, eh?

A friendly source has sent us these pieces of concept art for the game, used in the early stages of development. They're mostly by Billy Wardlaw, an environment and character artist at Vigil, with a little help from character designer Kolby Jukes, who's most recently done a little work on Mass Effect 2 (he designed frogman assassin Thane).

They're not exactly screenshots, we know, and being such a long-term project, early concept art is just that: early. They still look great, though, especially the Marine, so we figured they're worth sharing.


    Wow the detail looks good. I wonder if thats in game graphics.

      Oh C'mon.

      Consept art!

    I'm really interested in seeing this comes to life. I just hope no one goes off proclaiming this as the next WoW killer and end up jinxing it.

    Gah, does anyone know how many more years this will be in production before its done?

    I'll be DEAD by the time this comes out.

    900% increase in actual content :P

    I wonder when we'll start getting sneak peaks at the game? lol
    It'd be nice to see what they have instore for the consumers.

    Although it might be thinking too far, imagine the possibility of walking on the epic titans.

    Or deep striking into battle?
    Would be very cool.

    i really hope this will be like the inquisitor boardgame where you have an awesome rich tapestry of player types and an actually reason to be more or less a lone person.

    wouldn't make much sence to be a single space marine wondering around leveling up otherwise..

    Furthermore, if space marine is a playable class, i wonder if they'll make the leveling up process like the actual background where you start as a neophyte, then a scout, then a marine then a terminator at higher levels - because that would kick serious arse

      yeh this is my problem with it. if the game plays like a typical MMORPG, it isnt going to work.

      lone space marines questing for 15 tyranid skulls? nuh uh.

        What about the poor guardsmen!

          Worse... what about the poor Ripper swarm questing for 15 Smurf skullz?

    New fansite for the game at

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