And 2009's Biggest IPhone Games Were...

With December 31 almost upon us, Google have released two lists, each showcasing the biggest iPhone games of 2009.

The first has the ten top-selling games, and is dominated by established franchises and intellectual property. Indeed, only a single title - Firemint's Flight Control - crashing the party.

The other list highlights the ten games with the highest user ratings, and on this one, things are a little more interesting. Real Racing makes the cut, as does Zemonia, and even Canabalt warrants a mention.

Sadly, my pick for the year's best - Rolando 2 - was nowhere to be seen.


    No-one mentioned that Flight Control is Australian...?

    Also no mention that The Sims 3 and Need for Speed were both developed in Australia.

    And also no mention that australia is super awesome

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