And Now 360 Avatars Can Have Pets

If I had 240 Microsoft points tomorrow, I would buy you a monkey. Haven't you always wanted a monkey? The Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace pet shop opens tomorrow.

Depending on your opinion of the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace, tomorrow brings either a wondrous new addition or another ridiculous thing to waste your money on - pets! Microsoft has most of the bases covered in its pet lineup, with three types of dogs (including Dog in Bag), three cats, birds, snakes, fish, guinea pigs, and of course, monkeys. They'll even have a pony up for sale, making countless childhood dreams come true with the push of a button.

The downside? Each pet will run you 240 Microsoft points. The upside? They don't pee on your girlfriend's robe, who then tries to cuddle you while wearing it because she has a cold and can't smell it, leaving you with the moral dilemma of whether or not you should tell her she smells. That's just an example, mind you, and certainly didn't happen in my apartment last night.

Yes, you can haz Pony [Major Nelson]


    Why are there no critters from Viva Pinata to have as pets? Shameless tie-in opportunity missed Microsoft!

    Who buys this crap? What a waste of money.

      LOL, I Do. I don't really care about the price I'm not in any debt & I have lots of money to waste. I hope they Have a German Shepherd or I will just have to get the Monkey.

    Funny that people always say "Who buys this crap?" when looking at my varied friends list of over 60 about 3/4 of them have bought something for their avatar...

      i suppose 3/4 of your friends list is under the age of 17.

    I'd buy a cat. :3

    Can they be run simaltaniously with a prop?

    and do they make noise?

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