Army Of Two Sequel Does Contain "Total FistBump Destruction"

Back when we knew the sequel to the original Army of Two as simply "Army of Two: TFD", we solicited suggestions on what that abbreviated secondary title meant. "Total Fistbump Destruction", suggested lapsed Kotaku commenter strawberrycream. We really liked that.

Enough to use it in one of our many previews on Army of Two: The 40th Day and bother EA producers about it at press events.

Apparently, someone else at Electronic Arts liked it, as one of the game's Xbox Live Achievements - and presumably one PlayStation Trophy - has been named, yes, "Total FistBump Destruction", netting the player 10 Gamerscore for finishing the game "as best friends". Nice.

There's also a "Total FistBump Deflation" achievement, scored by finishing the game with "a fractured friendship". You can check out the full list at or - if you find yourself muttering under your breath "How is this news?" - read our newest Army of Two hands-on preview right here.

Achievements: Army of Two: The 40th Day [X360A - thanks, Ryan!]


    Man, I am so bored at work right now, Ill take ANYTHING as news.

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