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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Has there been any word yet on when we'll be seeing PSN cards in Australia?

      Can confirm that my local GAME store have them already...

      They're already available, although not widely, it seems. GAME definitely have them, as oggob mentions.

      Sony told me a few weeks back that most retailers should have them in stock by the end of the year.

        Great news. Cheers David and Oggob!

    Will Heavy Rain be a defining moment for this console generation, or will it be a complete and utter flop?

      I too am very curious about this game...I hope it's amazing.

      My gut feeling is it'll be a game that divides people along extreme love/hate lines; won't sell in huge quantities, but will do better than Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy; and will have rather less influence on the future of games than some of us might hope.

      I have to disagree with David on this one. I think this game is going to raise the bar as far as story telling goes to a Half Life and Half Life 2 level. The control system probably won't catch on, but I can't see any other way you could interact with this game...

        Heavy Rain seems like an evolution of Fahrenheit, so if anything "raised the bar" then that game already did it four years ago. I just don't see Quantic Dream's approach catching on to anything like the extent to which Valve's approach in Half-Life did, to use your example. Heavy Rain bears all the hallmarks of a cult classic; praised by (most) critics, worshipped by a few fanatics, but generally ignored or misunderstood by a wider audience.

          Well said, Sir.

    Have you enjoyed the introduction of achievements/trophies in this generation of consoles? If so what games have given you the greatest joy in the pursuit?

      Follow up

      Do you think developers are using them as a way out of adding extra content by just adding super time consuming ones for trophy/achievment nuts?

      Honestly, I don't care at all. I never check my achievements or trophies to see either what I've done to get them or what I could be doing. I couldn't even tell you what my 360 gamerscore is.

      However, I'm a sucker for in-game collectables. Not really sure why I don't dig the whole meta-game stuff.

    David, bit of your life story, how did you start out playing video games, what other kind of jobs have you had and how did you end up getting (what I consider) to be an awesome job?

      Games have always been part of my life. From a young age I was playing Atari 2600 and early PC games, before moving through C64, Amiga, Mega Drive, SNES etc. Magazines were also always part of my life, especially games and music mags. I spent more money on them in my youth than I did on actual games and CDs.

      In the early '90s, I started contributing to a magazine called Megazone, just writing reviews. Later, I'd work for Hyper and edit PC PowerPlay, before moving into games PR at Atari and then Xbox. I returned to journalism last year and, after freelancing for a few months, got the Kotaku gig in December. A year later, I'm still here!

    What do you think about the current onslaught of Sequels and Remakes? Is it really because of the "safe financial bet"??

      "Current onslaught"? I'd suggest there have always been sequels. And clones and rehashes and rip-offs.

      Remakes are essential, I think, for an industry that so far has done a fairly poor job of preserving its history. Music and film are remastered, so why not games too?

    With AvP being refused classification last week and fanning the flames of the R18+ debate, do you think the banning of a high profile title such as God Of War III could tip the scales in favour of us gamers?

    After playing the demo, its pretty obvious this game is pretty gory.... yes the majority of enemies are mythical creatures that you slaughter but Helios certainly is not, and he looks very human-esque regardless of the fact that he is a god.

    If Left 4 Dead 2 was banned due to zombies being indistinguishable from humans, what chance does God Of War III have?

      The only two things that will save GOW3 are

      1. The violence is clearly within context (just like MW2 airport scene)

      2. It's not first person, first person (as in you are the person) seems to be a major hurdle for the COB to get over when defining impact. If you are watching another character doing it, then its not really 'you' doing it.

        Not sure if it will be allowed through on context, as L4D2 had context for its violence, it was kill or be killed. In God of War III Kratos' tears off Helios head so that he can use it as a lantern ;)

        Dismemberment seemed to be one thing they disliked about L4D2, although it may be happening less frequently in God of War III.

        I hadn't thought about the whole First-Person versus Third-Person idea, which makes alot of sense. Hopefully this will allow it to make it to our shores without being watered-down or refused classification.

          but they may also take it as it set in a purely mythological setting so its not exactly real world parralel while killing zombies is still essentially killing crazy humans(if they didnt move so fast theyd have been safe and plus that was more you can do this extreme stuff to every thing u kill you cant rip every guys head off in GOW3

          No game will swing anything our way tho, since atkinson even refused to release details on a game study done by the govt(or sum such as memory serves the only way we swing it is by all moving to croydon and hope that someone else anti games doesnt get elected in another state

        Yep, have to agree on these points. God of War III will be fine.

    Or... Are we due for a new way to experience games? FPS, 3PS, Racing, Platformers, RPG's, MMO's ect ect... what is the next new thing??
    Interactivity?? (Natal and Sony's Motion Control)

    Hey David,

    As a prominent gaming site, what have, or will you do to aid Australian gamers in helping to dethrone certain dinosaurs from making ill informed decisions about R18+ ratings?



    Well, I don't have anything to ask you, but I did have a statement to make and that is Kotaku Aus is my first stop for gaming news now ... and I love "Remember This" every day.

    Keep up the good work David.

    Okay fine, perhaps Far Cry 3 is space was a bit of an outlandish idea. Fair enough. What about under the ocean in the style of James Cameron's 1989 film The Abyss? You could have different submersibles that you have to repair as you travel along the ocean floor, friendly sealife floating by and the ever present threat of hundreds of tons of seawater crushing your skull if the windows crack? Huh? Huh? Pure gold right? Jesus, the government should give me a grant for these ideas.

    Hi David
    Do you know what happened to the western release of the Yakuza game that was set in 1600's in Japan. Just found out it was called "Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan!" It looked awesome, and really needs to come to australia, whose with me!

      I doubt we'll see it. Given how long it took for Yakuza 3 to be confirmed, I'd be surprised if Sega then also brought the far less accessible Kenzan spin-off to the west as well. But, we'll see, maybe Yakuza 3 will be a massive hit...

    Whats going on with Stargate Worlds?

    Hey David,

    Have you thought about doing an AU festive gift buying guide? Seeing the US version of this sparked the question.

      I'll be posting my own games of the year over the Christmas/New Year period.

    Any word on whether Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will be released in Australia?
    I've had a look on a couple of on-line shops, but no one is listing it.

      I'm asking Konami's local distributor right now.

        Did you get an answer?

          No. Sigh.

    If you could have any super power what would it be? Could haveing a super power help you at work?

      Pause time. Of course, I'd be able to move around freely and get everything done that I want to get done. Oh, and imagine the peace and quiet, too!

    Why is there no hype about 'Brink'?
    It looks absolutely ground breaking to me or is there something I'm missing cause there seems to be hardly any hype surrounding it at all?
    Have you had any hands on with the game etc, what are your thoughts on it?

      It's still nearly a year away, so expect the hype to build mid next year. I've only seen it once, at E3 this year, and I was impressed by what Splash Damage had to show. Brink was one of my top ten original games of the show.

    Hey David, Just wondering if the newly announced PS3 3.15 Firmware update might correct the controller syncing issue.

    Do Valve/EA plan to get off their asses and do something about the current L4D2 censored version?

    Can the Classification Board re-rate a game? Or do they refuse, since they've already got so many new titles to rate?

      EA/Valve submitted the uncensored version to the Classification Board, but it was refused classification. They then submitted an edited version (presumably the version they had already prepared for Germany, but Valve has yet to confirm this) and it was rated MA15+.

      The original classification decision was also appealed, but the Review Board upheld the decision to refuse classification. End of story.

    Do you have any news on DEF JAM: Legends?
    Or is this going to turn in vaporware. Also is StarsWars Battlefront 3 offically dead??
    Thanks Duncan.

      Def Jam: Legends? No.
      Battlefront 3? I can't believe we won't see another Battlefront game at some point, but don't expect it to resemble the leaked footage/art we've seen.

    Why do people have such brand loyalty towards consoles and will own one and refuse to have the other?
    The last gen consoles i owned both the Xbox and the PS2 cause i wanted to play Halo and i wanted to play Grand Turismo, personally i think it is ridiculous to sit on one side of the fence and not open up yourself to be able to experience them all.

      Fanboyism is a particularly vile strand of gaming culture. I suspect fanboys are most commonly young, perhaps barely into their teens, although it's always hard to discern someone's age over an internet forum. But they're typically of an age where disposable income only stretches far enough to purchase one console and thus that, combined with the innate insecurities of a teenager, gives rise to petulant and often irrational attempts to justify their consumer choice. It's all rather sad, really.

      I would think it's more of a possibility a lot of people can't justify spending money on hardware/software for two platforms.

        normally its the people who need to justify to themselves that they invested in the right console

        and its really only a facet of console gaming since most PC gamers couldnt give a rats and there smart enough to know the arguement with fanboy is an act of futility since its like trying to have a intellectual debate with a rock

          I'd argue that PC fanboys are even worse...

    Another question from your past, how did you get into the gaming journalism side of things? I'm thinking of a profession jump :)

      I am a journalist and am interested in Davids answer on this one too!


      I sent some sample articles to the editor of Megazone. He contacted me a couple of days later and commissioned me to review a game (Eco Quest, I think it was). I guess I was fortunate that he was actually looking for new writers at the time.

      In my experience, all an editor wants to see from a prospective new writer is that he/she can actually do the job, ie. write well and to a deadline. But there is only a limited number of jobs to go around and vacancies don't arise all that often.

    Have Rare released any further details on the "Perfect Dark" release date?

    The last we heard it was summer au... and the xbox forums are crawling with December rumours, but it's December now and we've heard nothing.

      Outside of specific promotions such as the Summer Winter of Arcade, Microsoft tends to play their XBLA cards close to their chest. We don't typically find out about release dates until the week a particular title arrives on the service. There's still time for Perfect Dark to land this year.

    I have abit of a random question for ya.
    What ever happened to Coded Arms for PS3?
    I played it years ago in multiplayer form(won in my group) and it seemed pretty cool.
    Graphics looked quite polished, and the environments and story looked quite interesting for a FPS PS3 exclusive.
    I take it, Konami has killed it?

      Prety sure it was cancelled several years ago. PS3 sales back in 2007 no doubt scared Konami off releasing a PS3-exclusive shooter.


    1) Is there an ETA on peggle for Aussie gamers?
    2) Why exactly did you choose wednesday as the ask me stuff day? Just curious


      1) Not sure which Peggle you're referring to.
      2) I don't actually know...

    You probably won't reply but i meant peggle PS3

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