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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, it's been a busy day. I'll get to your questions later tonight. Keep them coming!


    When overseas publishers/developers come to Australia to shill a game/console, is their sole focus on Sydney? I don't imagine they'd put on too many events in Melbourne and/or Brisbane.

      It sure is. Sydney is the media capital of Australia; more so when it comes to games media. The only time a developer or publisher would go elsewhere is to showcase their game to retailers, many of which are headquartered in Brisbane or Melbourne.

    Having finished bayonetta and knowing that you have the review build as well, do you believe the edge 10/10 is correct, whats your genereal thoughts

    i think edge was being generous, somewhat.

      I haven't had the chance to play more than an hour or so. I like what I've seen, although given I've never even played a Devil May Cry game, I'm not sure I'm really the best person to judge.

    Hey Dave,

    This isn't an industry related question but a Kotaku-related one. I know for a fact the founder of Treat Us Like Adults: contacted your site press and asked you to give some coverage of a rally he was organising in Brisbane on the R18+ issue. The rally came and went with no mention of him or his site or what he was trying to do.

    I know it probably wasn't anything to do with you as it was sent to the press address rather than directly to you, but if you can answer it, I'd appreciate it if you could explain why Kotaku never ran the story, considering you are showing a lot of love to Gamera4Croydon in contrast.

    Even if you can't answer it, he's still pushing on with his campaign and has other events planned (including a Q&A session with the Hon Mick Atkinson himself) and he'll no doubt appreciate some coverage for those when they go ahead.

    The site again:

      I get a lot of emails every day, from people sending me tips to people wanting Kotaku to cover their event or their blog post or whatever issue they're currently angry about. I try to follow up on as many as I can, but ultimately I don't have time to pursue everything, let alone write about them.

      Around the time of the L4D2 banning, I was inundated with correspondence around various protest rallies and other initiatives. It's often difficult to judge how serious such groups and individuals really are from an email or Facebook group. G4C struck me as the one truly credible organisation and the one that was most relevant to the majority of Kotaku readers.

    Hi David, I have a few questions, hope you don't mind. Do you know if and when the Black Nintendo Wii might come to Australia. Also any idea when Super Mario Kart might hit the Virtual Console, I understand it's not yet available. Thanks.

      Nintendo Australia are super tight-lipped when it comes to this sort of stuff. We won't know about a black Wii until the week it's available here; likewise Super Mario Kart on Virtual Console. We seem to lag around 2 to 4 weeks behind North America when it comes to Virtual Console. Given Super Mario Kart launched there on November 23, perhaps it won't be far off a local release.

    What are your thoughts on the mandatory web filtering being introduced by the Australian government in 2010? Do you think deteriorating our already laughable telecommunications system is necessary just so lazy parents don't have to keep an eye on their kids online?

      I'm disgusted that the government is ignoring democracy on this issue, and pushing ahead 'for our own good', as if we were incapable of deciding ourselves.
      Fortunately, Labor doesn't have an upper house majority, and need the Greens support to force it through. The Greens are currently the most vocally opposed party to the plan.

      Incidentally, here's a link to the discussion paper, including a way to respond, just like the R rating one.

      No surprise, but the proposed policy is utter idiocy. I would be astonished if it made it through the Senate.

    Is 3D the near-future of video gaming, or will we be too distracted by motion control to notice?

      I don't think 3D gaming is going to take off any more than 3D movies have. They are a novelty but people would rather not need to wear stupid glasses to play a game. Plus anyone spectating the game would also need to wear the glasses.

      I don't think there's much of a future in it. Not yet anyway.

    Zen Pinball (PS3) was to have an exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 table released in October (or so I read).

    Do you know what happened to it?

    hey David

    With so many Australian game companies going under, or at least cutting back on staff. What do you for see in the future of the Australian games industry.

    Will we continue to lose the battle with cheaper overseas companies?
    Is it going to get worse before it gets better?
    Do companies need to start making AAA titles to stay afloat or should they all start jumping on the outsourcing band wagon. Perhaps having smaller specialized Australian companies while outsourcing most of the filler work?

      The exchange rate is hurting us right now. Australian developers sign contracts with US publishers in US dollars. As the US dollar has weakened over the last year or so, that contract is worth less and less.

      I'm not sure what the solution is, other than what we're seeing now: layoffs to reduce costs.

    Why dont you guys give me a job? :)

    Im good at doing stuff...

    Where is today's lunchtime waster? Lunch just feels so empty...

    David, if I can impose on your little black book of industry connections, do you know who is the distributor for Koei material in Australia? Or who do I contact about Tecmo Koei preview material?

    I would be deeply, truly and other adverbs grateful if you could flick me an email with this info.

      THQ look after Tecmo Koei these days.

    How about a prize for guess the old game? Doesn't have to be fancy, a coupon for a junior burger or a packet of chips would be sufficient.

    Can you please give me a list of all game developers in Perth?

    When is that dinosaur hunting game coming out?!

      march 1997
      ... you are talking about turok for the N64 right ... right

        Ah, capital advice young chap!
        Let me just grab my monocle and bumberchute and set this time machine to "disco, baby!"

    Hey David,

    was just wondering how one gets into the industry of games/gadget reviewing/reporting like kotaku or gizmodo

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