Assassin's Creed II DLC Raises Questions, Possibly Fills Gaps

You don't make an expected hit game with a 200-plus-person development team and not plan some sort of downloadable content. Assassin's Creed II is getting two large add-ons. The names of these packs suggest key story gaps will be filled.

Ubisoft's announced the DLC for ACII this afternoon and provided some basic facts. One release in January, another in February. No price was announced, both will be sold for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Nothing too weird there.

Ubisoft recommends that gamers keep 1 GB of space free for each release. That raises an eyebrow. the size is double the size of a Call of Duty map pack on the Xbox 360, half the size of a Grand Theft Auto IV episode.

Here's the part for the dedicated Assassin's players to sort out.

The January release is called the Battle of Forli.

The February one is the Bonfire of the Vanities.

Forli is a small city depicted in Assassin's Creed II. It is based on a real place where real battles occured. The not-always-reliable Wikipedia dates a Battle of Forli as having taken place in the 13th century, which would overlap with some of the events referenced in some of the texts and bonus material in Assassin's Creed II. Those alluded-to events precede the new game and bridge it back to the first Assassin's Creed, explaining why the new game is set in Italy.

Could the first DLC take place then? Here's something I found about that 13th-century Battle of Forli via a quick Google search. Note the reference to Dante Alighieri who - keeping spoilers from ACII to a minimum — is referenced in the main game.

With the collapse of Hohenstaufen power in 1257, Guido I da Montefeltro the staunchest imperial lieutenant, was forced to take refuge in Forlì, the only remaining Ghibelline stronghold in Italy.

He accepted the position of capitano del popolo and gained for Forlì some notable victories: against the Bolognesi at the Ponte di San Procolo, on June 15, 1275; against a Guelph allied force, including Florentine troops, at Civitella on November 14, 1276; and at Forlì itself against a powerful French contingent sent by Pope Martin IV, on May 15, 1282, in a battle cited by Dante Alighieri (who was hosted in the city in 1303 by Scarpetta Ordelaffi III). In 1282, Forlì's forces were led by Guido da Montefeltro. The famous astrologer Guido Bonatti (advisor of Emperor Frederick II, too) was one of his advisors.

That all seems like a stretch though. Another theory is that the Battle of Forli and the Bonfire of the Vanities releases will fill in two major gaps in the Assassin's Creed II chronology.

The game mostly depicts the adventures of the assassin Ezio Auditore in Italy, spanning the years 1476 to 1499. But it skips 1489-1498, which should be labelled as "sequence 12" and "sequence 13" in the game's DNA/menu-screen. Instead, the game skips from the 1488-set Sequence 11 to the 1499 Sequence 12. The biographical data in the game for the real historical figure Caterina Sforza, who crosses paths with Ezio briefly in Forli, refers to her rule of the region during those skipped years and the battles her militia fights, ultimately against another one of the game's major characters, Rodrigo Borgia. It would not be a shock to learn that the Battle of Forli DLC covers this material.

The Bonfire of the Vanities could also neatly fit into the sequence gap. The Bonfire was a real event which occurred in Florence in 1497. The game already includes a fully-rendered city of Florence, though portions of it have been locked off to players.

Ubisoft isn't saying anything more about the content and when it takes place. Asked about the DLC's timeframe, a Ubisoft representative told Kotaku that more would be revealed later this month and again in early January.

There may also be some other, smaller DLC on the way. The game's creative director, Patrice Desilets, had indicated to Kotaku in September that some of the bonus areas that were initially available only to GameStop consumers would also eventually be available to more players. But Ubisoft has provided no news about that.


    Yeah i was thinking when it skipped that surely some DLC will explain some more or even give you the opportunity to do it. Seeing as though when playing after the story line...

    *possibly spoiler*

    Desmond is able to access the Amnius 2.0 - as if he is under the use of the Amnius whilst Lucy and the others are leaving the hideout to go somewhere else. And the Sequence 12 and 13 are possible to access, they skipped them for the storyline.


    Anyway... what were the bonus missions in the White and Black editions. How large were these missions and how many of them. Will these become available for DLC later perhaps?? I'm pretty sure a Ubisoft dev said they would do so no one misses out.

      The Bonus "Missions" were like the Assassin's Tomb's Interiors and at the end you got some "Templar Treasure" that was 2000f

      Not quite the greatest exclusive DLC, but they were fun to run through nonetheless....they were

      *Palazzo di Medici
      *Arsenal Shipyards
      *I cant remember the third one >.<

      My guess is they'll be either available over Uplay like the Auditore Tomb, or maybe cheap downloads on XBLM/PSN

      But yeah, since I saw the two empty Sequences I had a hunch they could be possible DLC, and then upon hearing this its pretty clear they will be.

      I praise Ubisoft for giving us such a massive full game, that even though 10 years of Ezio's life are missing in the still manages to be enthralling and doesnt miss a bit. So DLC that fills in some extra story, isnt just a cop out or some unlock codes for content on the disc and at 1GB minimum each will no doubt add more quality voice acting and cutscenes....they seem to be doing DLC as it should be done.

      Im looking forward to this now as much as I did the Fallout 3. AC2 is still my clear pick for GotY

      Re : Bonus Missions

      Anyone that has the standard version, look inside the DNA > Secret Locations, you may find there are 3-4 missing,

      1,2 & 3 - Are Templar Missions, kinda like the Assassin's Tomb, but there may be an objective to save someone instead or find loot.

      4 - Is unlocked via uPlay, it's the Auditore Family crypt in the Villa, where you learn more about the family, plays out like a Assassin's Tomb.

      be interested to know if someone with the standard edition were to track down the entry points for 1,2 & 3 and see it is available or if it will be a DLC unlock...

      As I didn't use my code til after I had completed the game, once I entered the code... ingame you are advised by the other girl (not Lucy), that she has found some 'data' in some memories about such and such and she's marked the location on the map...

      *********** SPOILERS ***********
      *********** SPOILERS ***********
      *********** SPOILERS ***********

      My understanding is that all of them are leaving the hideout, in a truck or whatever, but it's explained at the end that Desmond 'plugs' back in to a mobile Animus in the truck.

      Something along the lines of we'll let you play around to see what else you can learn about our cause, until we get to the new hideout.

      As for Sequence 12 & 13, it was again explained that these memories had 'corruptions' and they loaded up the next available memories... no doubt if the DLC is 12 & 13, then these will become uncorrupted somehow and then available...

      *********** END SPOILERS ***********
      *********** END SPOILERS ***********
      *********** END SPOILERS ***********

    well they said that uh, whatshername that we saved from the island, was ment to be a major character and it felt like we were ment to go back and see her.

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