Assassin's Creed II's Gap-Filling DLC Priced And Detailed

Ubisoft has delivered details and pricing info for January and February's Assassin's Creed II downloadable content, which fill the gaps in Ezio's DNA sequence. How much will it cost to complete the game?

Yes, as Totilo theorised, the Battle of Forli and Bonfire of the Vanities DLC, dropping in January and February respectively, comprise the two missing segments in Ezio's DNA, annoying gaps played off in the main game as corrupted information. The newly re-titled Sequence 12: Battle of Forli will run players $US3.99, with 13: Bonfire of the Vanities a dollar more at $US4.99.

What will $US9 get you, aside from $.02 change? The Battle of Foril contains six new memories revolving around Ezio aiding Machiavelli and Caterina Sforza with the defence of Forli from the Orsi Brothers, while preventing a Piece of Eden from falling into Templar hands. It also includes another ride in Leonardo's flying machine, which is either delightful or annoying - I just can't tell.

Bonfire of the Vanities unlocks a new area in Florence, which you'll navigate using a new move - the spring-jump. Florence is caught in the grip of the mad monk Saconarola, and Ezio must help Machiavelli liberate the city throughout the course of more than ten new memories.

It sounds like a large amount of content for the asking price, though I wish Ubisoft hadn't presented them as missing DNA segments. It makes it feel as if you are paying to complete the game, and that's no way for a man to feel.


    Well here's hoping they'll be good and have a good run-time, getting sick of half hour DLC

    PC version?

      All the DLC will be released before we even see the base game on PC. It better be worth the wait.

    The price certainly seems right on these, provided they run an okay length.

    How many MS points would that be precisely? Good to know they aren't trying to rob us too much. But i love this game so much i wouldn't care!

    Umm the DNA Sequence 12 and 13 weren't corrupted, they were skipped. The dude skipped them to get to 14 because they were short on time. Unless you mean corrupted in a sense that they were inaccessible because of that, then yeah.

    Would like to also know more about the extra missions Black and White edition received. How large were the mission(s), what happened and if they will be available to us as the dev's said previously.

    I haven't actually played AC2 yet... I might not bother getting it till these come out. Or better yet, wait for a GOTY edition and get them for free!

    AC2 is a great game if not a little overrated. I dunno if this DLC will be worth the plunge for me- though I was always pissed off about that whole section of Florence being missing in the game.

    I hate this whole trend with this gen of releasing incomplete games at full price and making you pay extra to have the whole thing.

    Multiplayer maps and stuff are one thing, but I think campaigns etc that include story elements should have all been in the game in the first place, instead of costing about $10 to play.

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