AU Diary: And That's A Wrap

Well, almost. Today's my last day in the "office", but it's not quite the last you'll hear from me this year.

Before I head off on "holidays", I thought I'd update you on what'll be happening on Kotaku over the holiday period.

Between now and the first Monday back in the new year, Kotaku will still be updating, although not quite with the same quantity of posts. You can expect Remember This? to continue tomorrow and all next week. Plus, there'll be occasional reminders for the competitions we're currently running - for Darksiders and the Big Pile of Crap. And of course, we'll be bringing you all the relevant content from the US site too.

But the most significant posts over the holiday will be my Games of 2009 countdown. As I did last year, I'll be taking you through my personal picks for the year's best, one per day from #10 down to the #1 reveal on January 4. (Hence the Far Cry 2 screenshot, my #1 game from 2008.)

Oh, and I'll still be keeping an eye on all your comments, so don't let the recent quality slip.

I hope 2009 has been good to you. Enjoy your holidays, have a happy new year, and I'll see you in 2010.


    Son of a bi... just missed the post by 5 minutes... oh well, once again + plus abit more...

    First of all, big thank you to David and the Kotaku folk for their work throughout the year, along with all the competitions they provided. Kotaku continues to improve and is pretty much the only source I use for game info nowdays.

    Merry Christmas to everyone that floats around the Kotaku website, hope everyone has a great day, good food and spirits!

    Hope that 2009 was a great year for all (it was great for me, bought a house!) and that 2010 is even better for all involved.

    See you all next week sometime, off to the relatives near Canberra, no internet access, feeling bored already! :p

    Lastly, for the Singstar PS3 owners, if you haven’t already done it the cheap/cheat way, remember to at least fire the game up tomorrow to gain the Christmas Trophy, for playing the game on Christmas. ;)

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but were you the admin at the PS forums? If you were, what ever happened to your duties there?

    Thanks for posting the news for me everyday Kotaku. You guys deserve a break, you do great every year.

    Have a great Christmas, Hannukah, Eid Mubarak, or whatever holiday you celebrate around now, if any, Dave.

    As you probably heard me say, tomorrow I head to Surfers, so I may not be able to comment much on Kotaku for the year, if at all. So, if I don't get on here till January, it's been a pleasure and an honour to read all of the news and details that get posted up here every day, and I look forward to reading more of the same greatness next year.

      I meant to also say that the entire thank you/happy holidays was not just meant towards Dave, but to everyone at Kotaku and Gawker Media, US and AU.

      Thanks for the wonderful year, guys!

    See you in another decade

    Happy Kwanza!

    Enjoy your break from the office, you deserve it.

    Just like everyone else i'd like to thank you and everyone at Kotaku for the great work you do.

    I think I only discovered Kotaku this year. But if I were in a gathering of elderly English men donning monocles, tophats and bowties (and other assorted clothing which hopefully preserve modesty), I would raise a toast to you. Jolly good show, ladies and mentlegen. Jolly good show, Kotaku...ans? Kotakuites?
    Kotakons? Kinda like Otacon, with less peeing of the pants.

      can we PLEASE dress up in top hats, monacles, double breasted long tailed suits, ties and holding decadent canes whilst saying things like "quite", "touche" and "indubitably".

      We could also have ZZ Tops "Sharp Dressed Man" Playing in the background...

      In fact i think i need to listen to ZZ Top now...

    It has been a great 1st year for me being a frequent reader of this hard working gaming blog.

    To all who work each and every day of this site, I say thank you for all the reviews, news and the little things that my eyes see which interprets my mind to read.

    To everyone, staff, readers, have an awesome holiday, and a happy new year!

      Yeah, this will be my first year with Kotaku also and I'd just like to say thanks to David for his consistent effort all year (You make my days at work bearable ;) )

      Let this me the first of many! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Kotaku and all of its readers!

      See you guys next year.... after I win the Big Pile 'o Crap and the 4ft Chaoseater :P

    So long, and thanks for all the posts.

    Mr Spoon offers his thanks for another informative year.

    First of what I hope many years clicking refresh on my browser for new posts. Obsessed, may be a good word.

      I do that exact same thing - it's kind of like digital crack

    Have a fantastic "Holiday" Mr. Goose.

    My first day of holidays was today and have spent most of it shopping. Oh the joy of Christmas. lol.

    I'm actually taking leave for the first time ever in my time working (7 years) and spending a week over in Adelaide with the young lady.

    I hope you have a wonderful "time off" and wish you and yours a happy christmas and new year (even though you'll probably still be reading posts of mine around those times, this seems a more appropriate place to say 'have a good one'

    Jesus, I thought you were gonna say your time as editor was up so I was all D: ...but it's not, so everything's ok.

    Thanks again for my copy of Riddick! \o/

    Looking forward to another year with Kotaku :)


    Thanks for producing an awesome blog guys. It is my first year as well, and I've barely been reading for six months. Thanks for the awesome competition oppoturnities and options for us to contribute with the various topics and posts, and see you in 2010!

    Kotaku has been my first port of call for gaming related news and well, everything. It's been brilliant this year and I hope all the Kotaku folk and all the readers have a very safe and joyous festive season, no matter what you do.

    Hey Dave,

    Any chance of that screenshot changing to 2009's #1 Game for you when that game is revealed?

    Just saying...

    Predictions: Boy and his Blob or Uncharted 2.

    Merry Xmas BTW!

      Perhaps. I'm not sure 2009's #1 holds quite the same special place in my heart though. But we'll see.

    Happy Festivus everyone!

    Looking forward to seeing what your top 10 for this year are, Dave, the good thing about your top ten is that it's never the stock standard blockbusters that other game sites put up, good to see an opinion on games that others overlook.

    Thanks for another great year of Kotaku AU.

    FarCry 2 was your #1? I don't remember 2008 being such a poor year.

      Far Cry 2 is one of my favourite games of the decade.

    Well, almost. Today’s my last day in the “office"

    that line from the main page seemed like you were leaving

      Or perhaps I was working from home.

    God dammi whats the ending quote from Bruce Almighty..

    Merry Xmas David to you, your family and all those at kotaku. You've been my coffee break first thing in the morning, my routine if you will. Its the first and last site I check each day.

    PS, I hope Santa brings you a car. :)

    Keep on gaming into the future.

    Have a great holiday David; you and the others at Kotaku have always done a bang up job.

    If it weren't for you guys I'd have no clue about ANYTHING going on to do with gaming.

    Alright enough ass-kissing, enjoy your holidays man :)

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