AU Diary: Dark Side Of The ‘Toon

AU Diary: Dark Side Of The ‘Toon
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I’ve been playing a bunch of Darksiders, the Metroidvania with a splash of God of War slash ’em up from THQ and Vigil Games. I like it a lot, so I figured I should chat with Vigil boss and renowned comic artist Joe Madureira.

I’ll be on the phone with Joe on Friday morning. Before then, however, I’d like to hear your questions you’d like me to put to him. Have a read of my impressions of the first hour of Darksiders, then leave you questions in the comments below.

I’ve also been playing some Bayonetta. I’ve punched, kicked, shot and guillotined my way through the first couple of stages and, well… it really is a lot of fun. The combat system is super smooth and everything is so hyper-stylised you can’t help but feel like a total bad-ass in every scene.

Also, special mention must go to the cinematics, the second of which (the graveyard introduction, straight after the opening scene) is just jaw-dropping in its sheer audacity. I don’t typically pay much attention to cut-scenes – I find them an irritation that takes me out of the game – but here they’re executed so perfectly they manage to be both hugely entertaining and the ideal stimulus for the next breathtaking action sequence.

Both Darksiders and Bayonetta are out on January 7. So much for using the new year period to play catch-up on all the games you missed this year.


  • How long do they estimate the main story will be?
    Were they ever worried that Darksiders would only be classified as a rip-off of some other titles (Zelda, God of War) which Darksiders has been compared to?

  • Please ask if we’ll see an art book released sometime for Darksiders (because I want one very badly).

    And if there’s a chance in the future of seeing a Battlechasers games based on his indie comic book.

  • MAD is my FAVORITE artist of all time. I used to read uncanny x-men etc when i was a kid and try to imitate his style as im sure lots of kids did growing up.

    My question is non-game related but; Mad, who was your artistic inspiration growing up? Who influenced your artistic style?

    Also, a big thankyou for making me the artist i am today. Madureira is nothing short of amazing.

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