AU Diary: I'll Get You, Yamauchi!

This morning I had the opportunity to take an early look at the Gran Turismo 5 demo. You'll be able to download and play it on December 17. But how did I go?

The demo contains one track and one play mode, a time trial. You can choose one of two cars, one is tuned for racing, the other isn't. A global leaderboard will keep track of your best lap times with both cars.

I started with the tuned car and spun out a few times on my first lap. Not having played a serious racing sim in quite some time, it took me a while to acclimatise to the subtlety required. Still, on my third lap I posted a respectable time - at least, it placed me ahead of the other local journos who'd jumped online.

But moments later someone using the PSN ID "K_Yamauchi" shot straight to the top of the leaderboard, a full eight seconds better than mine. I checked in with Sony and verified that this was indeed Kazunori Yamauchi, head of Polyphony Digital and director of the Gran Turismo series.

You can compare your times against Yamauchi, too, when the demo hits on Thursday. Also, keep an eye for my temp PSN ID "KOTAKUAUSTDavid". I'll be the one choking down Yamauchi's dust.


    I thought prologue was the demo?

    More to the point, what were your impressions of the demo?

    Imagine the friends requests Kazunori is going to get now! :)

    Awesome to know though, it would be somewhat satisfying if you were able to beat the great man himself...

      Yeah hahaha that's what i was thinking...

    Does the demo have damage? I sure hope so!

      It doesn't... check out...

      it has video of the demo in action...

    What time did Mr Yamauchi get? Please tell~

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