AU Diary: Save Me From Interview Hell

I'm interviewing the executive producer of Dante's Inferno tomorrow. Anything you want me to ask about the Dead Space developer's take on the Divine Comedy?

Coincidentally, this afternoon I've been playing Darksiders, a game that exists in the same post-God of War space as Dante's. Both games owe much to Sony Santa Monica's title, especially in the brutality and mechanics of their combat systems. But Darksiders offers a deeper adventure loaded with environmental puzzles straight out of Zelda and a degree of exploration you'd typically find in a Metroid game. I'll be curious to discover Dante's point of difference.

Leave your Dante's Inferno questions in the comment below.


    What kind of weapon variety is there?
    It might just be me or I haven't been paying attention but all I've noticed is a blade with a Scythe on one end and a cross on the other or as a separate weapon.

    does the devil cry may ... oops

    Is there any more to the 'good/bad' choices than weapon upgrades?

    Will we get the chance to go into heaven in the sequal and bust up just as much destruction? (Go on admit it, you wanna do that now).

    Will Judas Iscariot be an end boss and if so will one of his attacks involve pelting you with 30 pieces of silver?

    Just wanted to know if there would be any alternate costumes which add special effects (similar to GoW) and if there would be a special/limited/collector's edition of the game available in Australia.

    A quick Google search came up with this

    I don't know if it's true or not and a confirmation would be great.

    Kinda off-topic, but how is Darksiders? It's next on my "to get" list and I'm interested in how it is. Is it really anything like the Zelda series?

    How much did it cost to develop the game?

    How much did it cost to market it?

    If not a dollar figure, how about some percentages?

    Why choose a relatively obscure source to base the game on when you'd have gotten more creative freedom (and less bitching) with a scratch built IP?

    RE: Dante's Inferno
    Working on the interactive realisation of a 700 year old piece of literature, is there more pressure to do the final product justice than with a new I.P which has the potential change to suit any limitations that are incurred?
    Making a game from such an unlikely source, has the team seen potential in any other old world texts for potential new game concepts?
    Shakespeare obviously comes to mind, Marc Ecko has expressed interest in turning Macbeth into a game. Over the last 10 years the film industry has clearly been keen on turning comic's into blockbusters. Could this be a new crop to be harvested by the games industry?

    How much of the technology the game is built on is from Dead Space? It's kind of interesting that they're following up a Resident Evil-style game with a Devil May Cry-style one, since DMC was built off the same engine as RE.

    Is the game intended to have sequels, or will it just be a once-off thing with the next follow-up being an adaption of a different work?

    Where did the idea for the game come from, originally? Did the team want to make a God of War game and hunt around for some kind of setting before arriving at Dante, or was the poem the starting point and the game genre evolved out of that?

    How about asking him whether they expect to sell many copies of the PS3 version - given the competition from the God of War games.

    Are they including a copy of the original text somewhere in the packaging or on disc?

    (Yes, I know I can get it free online)

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