AU Diary: Where Did Napoleon Keep His Armies?

Up his sleevies, of course. I spent the early afternoon out at Sega's Sydney office to scout Napoleon: Total War. I have to say I like the direction in which they're taking the series.

The Creative Assembly's Kieren Brigden was on hand to talk me through how they see Napoleon as an evolution of Empire. In the same way Medieval II was an evolution of Rome, with Napoleon they already have the base code ready and can spend their time polishing and tweaking as opposed to reinventing the wheel.

With more focus on design than tech, Napoleon looks to present a stronger focus on story and character in its campaign. But there are a few more tricks up those sleevies. I'll be reporting in depth on Napoleon next week.

Before I go to tonight's Microsoft Media Xmas Party, I figured I'd also start updating you more on the games I've been playing and try to make these diary entries more frequent, if not daily. I'm still working my way through Assassin's Creed II. I'm in Venice now, working with the thieves guild. My villa is fully upgraded and I've collected every single treasure chest from Monterriggiono and Florence.

Last night I remembered I had the poison blade. For some reason, I'd totally forgotten about it and had instead been alternating between the assassin's blades for the stealth kills and trying to disarm enemies when in a group. So I tried the poison on a random guard just to test it out. He had one of those warhammers and within seconds he was stumbing around, flailing his hammer blindly and clocking civilians on the head when they came to se what the fuss was all about.

I'm be using the poison a lot from now on.


    Love to get more AU Diary updates on what you are playing at the moment.

    So David how did you go with Demon's Souls, which you were playing before AC2?

      It's on the backburner for now. Will definitely be going back to it shortly.

        I want your job.

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