Aussie Nintendo Store: A Boy and His Sumo

Once again, Vooks is back to bring you the latest on all the downloadables hitting the Aussie Nintendo Store.

A bumper week again before Christmas!

DSiWare this week is huge, with four titles hitting the service. First up is Gameloft’s Castle of Magic. Originally an iPhone game, the platformer wasn’t well received on Apple’s platform, as the system has no buttons, but perhaps it will play a little better on the DSi. The game isn’t just another platformer, though, as it allows you to use your DSi Camera in-game to generate spells from the colours of photos you take. Sort of like Scribblenauts with a camera (but nowhere near as complex).

EA is at it again on the DSi with Littlest Pet Shop. Seems to be another Nintendogs type game with various cute and colourful animals. Another Q-Games game has reached the DSi this week as well, Starship Patrol - also known as Starship Defense in North America - is, as the alternative title suggests, a tower defence game set in over 30 stages in space. Should be another solid title from Q-Games if their past games are anything to go by. Last is another edition of myNotebook, this time it’s green—it’s the last one, so you better hope you like one of the three colours.

WiiWare is a little more scant with just two games this week. Eat! Fat! FIGHT! lets you do what you’ve always wanted to do: eat and fight like a sumo. There are two ways to achieve this, eating and fighting—you can even put your Mii face on your hyper obese wrestler. Next up is a puzzler from Natsume. The Moki need your help, as they’re being eating all up by Groblims, and it’s your job to get them to safe. You’ll be bending and twisting the world around across a series of puzzles, but there are obstacles in the way.

Virtual Console this week also has two titles. Representing the NES is A Boy and His Blob. It may be cheap at 500 points, but unless you're nostalgic about the game you might want to avoid this, as it hasn’t aged well. Pick up the shiny new Wii version instead. The other Virtual Console game this week is an import, it’s yet another version of Street Fighter II Championship Edition, this time for the TG16. It also attracts a higher price point, which usually only happens during a Hanabi Festival.

DSiWare: -Castle of Magic (500 points - Gameloft) -Littlest Pet Shop (800 points - Electronic Arts) -myNotebook: Green (200 points - Nnooo) -Starship Patrol (500 points - Nintendo)

Virtual Console: -A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (NES - 500 points, Majesco) -Street Fighter II: Championship Edition (TG16 import - 700 points, Capcom)

WiiWare: -Eat! Fat! FIGHT! (1000 points - Tecmo) -Moki Moki (800 points - Natsume) The Aussie Nintendo Store Update is brought to you by Vooks. Go check out his excellent unofficial Nintendo site.


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