Bargain Hunter: $149 Can’t Buy You Love

Bargain Hunter: $149 Can’t Buy You Love

But it can buy you the full Beatles Rock Band bundle at GAME right now. That’s a staggering $220 under the recommended retail price.

Catch is, we expect GAME are offloading their remaining stock, so don’t expect this price to stick around for long. And they only have online listings for the PS3 and Wii versions, but our tipster reckons it applies to the 360 version as well. He also mentions the bundles in-store are stickered $199, but they’ll come up in GAME’s system at $149.

[Thanks Brett H!]


  • For the game only, JB have it for $39.95 on all platforms. It might not be marked at that price but will scan in at that price.

  • I managed to find two stores in Melbourne (Melton & Broadmeadows) who had one in stock (PS3). Both refused the pricing.

    The first saying the lowest they can do is $199 and that the $149 is web store only… despite having “in store only” on the website.

    The second, said that the $149 is an old price and that it’s back to $199 today (10/12/09).

    Fired off an email complaint, not that I will expect much from it. The website still clearly indicates a price of $149 & in-store only.

    JB have it for $199 +$5.50 S&H online, so $50 extra but without the hassle of driving to the sticks to pick it up…

  • I just called three stores in the northern suburbs of Perth and they are all sold out.

    And apparently the sets went back up to $199 this morning, this was just for yesterday.

  • Actually, it’s a cut across the board, from what i can gather.

    The $39 price tag is a mistake, that got fixed back to $69 my friend said. They’re also doing the complete kit for $199.

  • yep 360 version included, im having a hard time finding the ps3 version. GAME in rockingham have a lot of 360 versions left, their only ps3 one was sold and they had one wii left yesterday, great price, but i dont have the money and i cant find any , but if you miss out kmart looks like they are offloading stock too, world tour sets are $180

  • Managed to pickup the PS3 version today from GAME at Willows (Townsville). They said it was $199 and I told them their website said it was “In-store” and $149. They said “Can’t argue with that, $149 it is” 😀

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