Bargain Hunter: EB’s Mad Monday Sale

Bargain Hunter: EB’s Mad Monday Sale

At one minute past midnight this morning, EB Games kicked off their Mad Monday sale. Loads of recent release games are going cheap(ish).

Notable deals include:

Assassin’s Creed II (360, PS3) $67 Batman: Arkham Asylum (360, PS3) $67 Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) $59 Borderlands (360, PS3) $67 Borderlands (PC) $53 DJ Hero (360, PS3, Wii) $99 Dragon Age: Origins (360, PS3) $87 Dragon Age: Origins (PC) $76 EyePet (PS3) $49 FIFA 10 (360, PS3) $67 Grand Theft Auto IV (360, PS3) $37 Guitar Hero 5 guitar bundle (360, PS3, Wii) $99 James Cameron’s Avatar (360, PS3) $52 New Super Mario Bros. (Wii) $58 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (PC) $59 Resident Evil 5 $48 Tekken 6 (360, PS3) $67 UFC 2009: Undisputed (360, PS3) $35 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves $67 Wii Sports Resort (Wii) $57

The sale only applies to orders via the EB Games website. They promise free shipping, too, but limited stock. It all wraps up at midnight tonight. Otherwise it’d be called Mad Monday and Tuesday.

EB Games [site]


  • I’m fairly certain ordering through their site will end up just the same as pre-ordering with them in-store “Whoops we sold your copy, Heres your money back”

  • I like how some of the pages have Pre-owned titles for lots more than the “mad monday” sale lists the new version for. -> Has Batman: AA on the PS3 for 30 quid + free shipping, which works out to about $58. PC version is 19 quid. All the console stuff on there are PAL versions, so will work fine on our systems.

  • EB is the absolute last retail store I’d get my games from. Had nothing but scratched copies of late. Most of the games on special are not sealed, so there lies the rub….

  • i had a whole heap of shit in my cart ready to buy. then i realised my damn wife has my wallet!!! FFS! stupid cow! hopefully they still have some stock left later on today when i can get my CC details.

    • I had a fight yesterday with my girlfriend. It was my fault I think.
      I had a hard days work and got home and took a beer from the fridge, sat down and started watching TV.
      She came out of the kitchen and sat down next to me and asked, “so what’s on TV?” and I said, “Dust.”

      and then the fight started…

  • EB’s “sales” generally mark everything down to what I’m already paying elsewhere, this sale is no exception. Move along nothing to see here.

    • lol this comment always makes me laugh. EB price match, if you’ve found it cheaper elsewhere… they’ll match it.

      Would love to take part in the monday madness, but unfortunatley I can’t EB Rent from the online store 😛

      • I never really see the point of EB price matching. Usually they say the store they are matching has to be within spitting distance of their store and the game must be in stock at the other shop. So why would you bother with EB if a shop nearby already has it cheaper?

        • the store i used to work at, we would price match the closest store of each retailer… in our centre, we only had dick smith, target and myer, so technically, all we had to price match was those, but we would match the closest stores of other retailers, big w, jb, kmart etc, which were 10-15 minutes away in some cases… if you were already in our centre, and wanted to get a game that JB were selling cheaper, are you going to drive 15 minutes to get there, when they might not have stock? or match it at my store?

      • Not that i would ever encourage it, but yes you can

        you can return online sales to retail stores just like the normal 7 day deal

  • Name me another place you can buy DJ Hero for 99 bucks? Didn’t think so…

    whether you SHOULD buy dj hero well thats another story

    some of the prices are crap. Some of them are good, Tekken 6 for 67 bucks is pretty good

    Uncharted 2 for 67 bucks is pretty good.

  • So EB are supposedly doing me a favour by shuffling off used games at prices that are already standard at places like Big W for new copies? And claim $98 for Modern Warfare 2 is ‘mad’?


  • very tempted to get assassin’s 2 and uncharted 2… but i want them cheaper damn it! lol

    would have gotten assassin’s for bigw but it appears only the ps3 version is 68… and i want it on 360

    • Worth mentioning AC2 is 68$ at JB anyway, I’m not sure if it’s a sale or not but I know it would last more than one day… saw this like saturday FC2 is also 48$ on sale there atm too.

      • Last I checked (2 seconds ago on their website), AC2 is still $89 at JBHIFI.

        Big W however is definitely selling for $68.

  • man you guys still don’t get it, always bitching about the prices, they have to sell it at RRP because they don’t make money off TVs and stuff like JB and Big W. A place like JB makes about a dollar per game but will make that margin up with a 4000 dollar TV . A place like EB or Game has to sell at RRP to make 25-30 bucks minus costs and stuff.

    • @Daniel Sloan

      we understand the reasons behind why eb’s games are a higher price.

      we all just buy other places because when it comes down to it customers dont want to hear about the tails of woe that eb has higher overheads and they dont make much money.

      all the customer wants is the best price possible, unless the buisness (whatever buisness not just eb) can provide something else like customer service. imho eb customer service is poor as the sales ppl know next to nothing about the games they are selling and in many instances make up stuff to look like they know whats happening.

      so in short no one cares about the way eb runs its buisness, they just want the cheapest price for a game.

      • @ Greg
        I agree, I also look for the cheapest price possible and will buy it at that.
        I don’t agree that every single EB games staff member knows next to nothing and makes stuff up on the spot, that statement is pure stereotypical slander.

  • All these prices are still a rip off. You can easily get these games through ebay for cheaper. Video game retailers in Australia are rip offs.

  • I imagine all those prices on there would be about cost price for the purpose of getting people to go to their site.

  • Did UC2 sell out or something because it isn’t listed anymore…

    This sale was kinda disappointing, but it was EB, what could you expect? The only reason to buy into this sale is if you needed very fast shipping, heaps of UK sites that ship to Aus basically have these prices ALL THE TIME. Tekken 6 is ~$35 (WITH SHIPPING) on’s own monday sale…

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