Bargain Hunter: GAME Breaks Down DJ Hero Renegade Edition

Bargain Hunter: GAME Breaks Down DJ Hero Renegade Edition

DJ Hero’s limited edition, edgily called the Renegade Edition, is clearly taking up too much space in GAME stores around the country. As a result, they’ve slashed the price of the music genre’s finest coffee table accessory.

From yesterday until they sell out, GAME are selling the DJ Hero: Renegade Edition for just $99. That’s 66% off the actual RRP of $299, and – crazily – makes it cheaper than the regular edition of the game.

Given that stock is probably quite low, post in the comments if you know which GAME stores still have some available.


  • Wow, actually cheaper than the normal game. I’d be half-tempted to get this if I was actually anywhere near a GAME.

  • The website was doing the promotion last night also, I literally missed out on the PS3 version by the time it took to login to the website! 🙁

    It was there teasing me at $99, logged in, it was already updated back to #219!

    but if this instore today, might still have a shot…

  • My brother in law borrowed DJ Hero on the Xbox. I played it for a few days, unlocked Daft Punk. Then I was finished.

    Sadly it’s just not as fun as the other games, I don’t know why. Might be just cause it’s harder to have someone else playing with you. Not having someone jamming alongside feels wrong.

  • The real bargain is on Batman Arkham Asylum, which is flying out the door for $48 on PS3 and 360. Pretty sure Assassins creed 2 is only $67 also…

  • Werribee plaza store sold out for ps3 had it on wii, asked the guy to check all the other stores in the area and only Melton had 1 left, but they hadwii edition as well

  • I think part of the problem with DJ Hero is that it’s not as much of a party game as Guitar Hero. Playing this by yourself doesn’t sound like very much fun to me.

  • This would be a great buy for my brother or my friend. This year I have actually enjoyed buying presents for people more than getting hyped for receiving presents.

  • Relax guys, stores will be getting in more stock over the next few weeks, accounting for the current holidays you should see more in store tuesday or so, then more coming in regularly for awhile…

  • apparently more stock will be shipped to stores soon at the $99 price.

    i got mine but id move quick if were you…

  • roude hil store has a stack of them, saw them today but didnt feel the need to grab one, the game is so horribly boring to me

  • I work at rousehill Game in NSW we have a few copies of wii and xbox 360 left but yeah, they sold out like hot cakes, was a good deal!

  • EB Games have the normal version for $99

    I’ve already got it but my mate bought a Renegade one when it came out and it really isn’t any better. Unless you really want that Eminem CD & fold down legs. I laughed at him.

  • Game Joondalup Perth have some left for most consoles. I picked mine up yesterday the moment they came on sale. Awesome grab. Glad I was working at the time. Myself and all the other staff members got one 😀

  • Having almost 200 dollars of the price is going to make any game sell like hotcakes. This is a good deal, but DJ Hero doesn’t seem that interesting to me. Boxing Day sales should lower the price of quite a few games, and I can’t wait for it.

    Does anyone know if this is sold out at GAME Westfield (South Morang) or at Northlands in Melbourne?

  • dont worry ,everywhere in victoria is sold out
    and never gettin any more in because there limited edition
    yeah shit as

  • Corio Game i think had a 360 version left but nothing else. Just picked up the last of their Wii stock. Also if anyone is interested they had a few copies of the Spore Galactic Edition.

  • man.. the renegade edition got sold out in 5 minutes at hornsby game store wtf. i came 15 minutes late and was thinking ..o…m..g? browsed EB and JBhifi and their prices were $200+ . chance of a life time wasted :(. ALL game stores sold out in like 2 hours.. even like stores as far as penrith and windsor.
    apparently they stopped making the spesh edition so its not like they’re going to restock…ever.

    kiss that gold turntable goodbye.. suckerz 🙁

  • Just got mine for ps3 at centro arndale in adelaide, they had about 8 left for varius consoles.Heavey big box I just opened it and it was packed nice and neet in the suitcase so I left them the cardboard crap , I was busing it.

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