Bargain Hunter: How’s This PSP Bundle Stack Up?

Bargain Hunter: How’s This PSP Bundle Stack Up?

Most of the PSP bundles you can get right now either pack in a first-party game like Gran Turismo or LittleBigPlanet or they offload something you probably don’t want, such as Harry Potter or Transformers. But this is a bit different.

Dick Smith has a bundle right now that, sure, gives you Gran Turismo and either AFL Challenge or NRL Challenge. But it also comes with two Rockstar games – Beaterator and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (pictured) – for $349.

I’m not entirely sure it’s great value, given the handheld’s standalone RRP is $279. But it’s good to see it being bundled with some decent games for a change. Would you be tempted?


  • I just won a science competition, so I have the money, but… no, this doesn’t tempt me. One game I can get for cheap on the iPhone, and the other I can get cheap for the DS. Both might be good, but I don’t think it’s worth it. I would rather get the aforementioned Hannah Montana bundle in the US.

    • Wouldnt touch the hannah montana bundle with a 20′ pole.
      But if i didnt already own the PSP and have Chinatown wars on my letter to santa (you better be reading this, buddy) i would snatch it like a fat kid snatches cookies

      • Firstly, kudos on the analogy.

        Anyway, it was an exceptionally cheap PSP 3000, and had some stuff to sell as well. The console may be lilac, but it was otherwise unmarked. Really, minus the preowned price of the Hannah Montana ‘goodies’ From the already cheap price, and you get a PSP about as cheap as a Zimbabwean dollar

  • Well there are obviously lots of haters of the PSPGo – but the way Sony has being giving out free game downloads has been pretty sweet – if you like PSN downloads.

    PSPGo $400 + 3 bonus games (from Sony platinum games) + 1 bonus full price game (GT, Motorstorm, Assassins Creed). Which makes the PSPGo by itself roughly $275.

      • You’re right. It is pretty useless if you are a pirate, or EB Games trying to convince kids to give away their game collections for peanuts.

      • I have to admit that I’m a sucker for brand new games. Pre-owned games are good… if they are in good conditions, But otherwise I’d show support to the developers and buy it mint!

        Trust me, we’d love to get revenues for our games :p

      • Most PSP tradeins are rubbish. Am yet to see a Crisis Core or Dissidia at all- most PSP owners seem to either know their stuff and keep the decent games they have, or be kids regularly trading back their rubbish licensed titles. It is a slight annoyance having a drawer full of UMDs but if I really need to play them, I get out the PSP1000, which is full of digital copy games I d/loaded for the Go and copied. 2 for 1 on the PSN Store! And with Monster Hunter bought for $32 on Special Offer that beats preowned prices hands down.

  • I just sold my PSP 3000 I upgraded from a 1000 in hope of getting into the PSP. I simply cant. Such a lack of games. I also dont want to play a full 8 hour story game on a portable device.

  • My other half (after many months of it gathering dust) talked me into selling my Pointless Stupid Purchase(PSP)as she called it a couple of months ago and guess what I dont miss it al all.

  • I’m personally contemplating getting a PSP for my commuting trips back and forth to the city, though to be honest i would be using it more to play the downloadable games i have on my ps3 than the existing library.

    There are a couple of games i would hang out for such as FF: Dissidia and the new Kingdom Hearts on the way.

    When it comes to this bundle however, those games don’t really interest me and i would be more inclined to go with a standalone PSP-3000 model.

    • If you are serious about getting one, then you should really consider the offer that they are doing… in the bundle are 3 very recent games.

      At least check on with EB/GAME etc and see what they will give you for GT, GTA:CW, Beaterator and the NRL/AFL Game…

      At the moment you are getting 4 games for $70, which is nothing to sneeze at, considering at least 3 if not all of those games are retailing at +$50 at the moment… Sure EB/GAME are tight most of the time, but you might find one that will trade 2 for 1… and get 2 games you actually wanted.

      Even then you should still be somewhat in front if you were to buy seperately…

  • I would probably go for the standalone PSP as well, because there are a lot of other games to get, especially coming up soon (MGS: Peace Walker).

  • I read to much about games to be tempted by this. The AFL Challenge (Sorry I wouldn’t even consider the NRL -this isn’t a flame war thing just my preferred code) and Grand Turismo are reported to be all but rubbish.

    I’m not that musically inclined and still don’t own a single Guitar Hero or Rock Band title (or a Wii for that matter) – I know I think I’m a collectable. So I’d probably stick to the console and GTA: China Wars and haggle for a better RRP at the counter of

    • I agree- the AFL and NRL Challenge games are abominable. As bad as (that other infamous PSP bundle game) Transformers 2 perhaps. I won my first NRL game by 100 points. Hopefully the hi-def versions for 2010 will be slightly less awful. Gran Turismo is not so bad, but without a fully functional garage/showroom still feels more like a Hot Wheels Collect-a-Car thing. Its a nice tease for GT5 tho, feels similar to the Time Trial demo released last week.

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