Bargain Hunter: Let's All Go To The City

Everyone needs to play at least one Animal Crossing game. You probably don't need to play more than one, but if you remain an Animal Crossing virgin then Let's Go To The City is a good place to start.

Especially since it's only $29 at JB Hi-Fi right now and until December 24. Pick it up for Christmas just in time to enjoy the holiday events in your village.

Although I wish they'd localised it for the southern hemisphere. Snow in December is just weird.


    The saddest admission about my life I can make is that I once saw in the new year with the animals of Animal Crossing on the GCN. :P

      That's tragic. (I've done it too.)

        *Raises hand*
        Also guilty.

        I've actually done this every year since the GCN version...
        Admittadly it's a little better with the DS entry. But i might have to spend it this year with some city folk.

    Baffles me that they can't localize the game properly >_>

    I'm sort of scared to revisit my DS copy, because I know the town will be in a terrible state. Still, I sort of miss little Qwertytown (I think that was the name I went with, anyway).

      That games needs a reboot with a usable vacuum and lawnmower.

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