Bargain Hunter: This Deal Will Stab You In The Neck

If you haven't picked up Assassin's Creed II yet - and you own a PS3 - you should head to your nearest Big W and grab it for a mere $68.

The offer remains until December 9. Anyone seen it cheaper?

Comments <-- £23.99 with free delivery to Australia. (Although doesn't help that they're out of stock currently :( )

    They've got a bunch of other titles on the cheap though, so have a looksie.

    Alternatively you can head up to your local KMart (today or tomorrow is probably best), buy any 3 $19 games on this list that isn't on JB's exclusion list:

    Then head up to JB and trade them in for Assassins Creed 2. Will end up costing you $60 (This counts for 360 owners too!)

      Yep traveling to two stores and doing all that extra work is a great way to save $8.

        This is true! Although $8 is lunch or a beer or 1/3 of a 1500MS point card or 3 large Slurpees etc etc :)

        Not to mention that Big-W catalogue only has the PS3 version on spesh.

          Or just think of the fuel and public transport cost you could save by not doing it?

        Well, David did ask if anyone has seen it cheaper. And I agree with Aaron. I would do that for a pint of beer. Maybe.

      I'm goin gto get star ocean =D i've been interested in that game and then i found out its $19 >=O

    It's also the same price on Xbox 360...I went and picked it up first thing this morning.

    Big W are the way to go, if you can wait a week or a few days after the game comes out... I will be doin that with a few games comin up...

    Quick question, where have all the wireless headsets gone for the 360??? Nowhere have them instock, some tell me they are gettin some soon (do i want to leave a deposit on one?) others sayin they have been recalled for being faulty and should get more before xmas? Anyone know any more about it?

      Unless you really, desperately want a wireless headset, I wouldn't waste your time with them. I have one and it's useless. The battery lasts anywhere from 4-8hrs (which is good for 1 to 2 COD: MW2 sessions) and takes a fair while to recharge. I have also had heaps of trouble at times synching the stupid thing. It continually synchs as a separate device instead of synching with the controller :( Mine spends its lonely life in a dark drawer...I have gone back to using a normal wired one.

        To give a slightly different opinion, I've got a wireless headset and it's been pretty good. Sound quality is nice, battery life is similar to what Matthew stated. My main issue is with comfort. The rubber thing that goes around your ear can become quite irritating especially in long stints. For that reason alone, you wouldn't be getting an inferior experience with a wired headset.

          Honestly Ive preferred the wired headset more too. My wireless one would constantly stop sending or receiving sound and the battery was rather crud. im very happy with a much cheaper wired one.

    I pretty much paid this on release. Got it for $70 at Kmart.

    well, i bought it at $70 from ebay 3 days after it released. and traded it at EB for $94.70 or $95

    wondering what is EB trade in price for AC2 now?

    oh, i ain't that bad, i bought 5 copies, and kept 1 for myself. the rest are all gone to store credit.

    preparing myself to buy 360 elite soon

      not bad man! so you made about $100 bucks! thats pretty well enough for an elite isnt it? Only another $50?

    The comparisons between the game on 360 or PS3 are unflattering to the PS3 version. Those with both consoles would be wise to pay a little extra for the 360 one.

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