Bargain Hunter: Two Adventures For The Price Of Half

Lovers of adventure gaming and all things quirky will be pleased to hear that Amanita Design has slashed the price of its two best titles. From now until Christmas, you can get Machinarium and Samorost 2 together for just $US10.

What's Machinarium? Only one of the best point and click adventures in years. Samorost 2 is its predecessor and is very good, too.

Head on over to the Amanita website to order yours now.

Amanita Design Christmas Pack (Machinarium + Samorost2 for $10) 60% OFF! [Amanita Design]


    Oh lame, I just bought Machinarium like 5 days ago. Oh well, it's a good deal for anyone who's interested in point and click adventures.

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