Bargain Hunter: Where’s The Best Spirit Tracks Deal?

Bargain Hunter: Where’s The Best Spirit Tracks Deal?

The new Legend of Zelda for DS is out today. As the post headline very imaginatively zelda spirit tracks packshotsays, let’s find out where you can find the best Spirit Tracks deal.

I’ve trawled through a bunch of online and traditional Aussie retail outlets, and here’s what I’ve discovered:

Aussie Gamer $58
CD Wow $56
Chaos $63
Dick Smith $70
DVD Crave $61
DVD Orchard $65
EB Games $68
GAME $59 (web price only, $69 in store)
The Gamesmen $60
Gamehead $65
Game Planet $70
Games Warehouse $70
Game Zoo $62
Harvey Norman $49
JB Hi-Fi $59 (or $69 with strategy guide)
K-Mart $54
Quick Play $59
Target $54
WOW Sight & Sound $58

So, Harvey Norman is the clear winner, although that price is listed in their catalogue that ends December 13. It may remain at the price longer, but who knows!

If you’ve spotted a better deal, let us know in the comments.


  • I just bought the JB game/guide deal, which isn’t too shabby considering it sells for $27 on it’s own ($47 for the limited edition version which they teasingly had sitting on the shelf next to the game)

  • I tried to get EB to price match Harvey Norman last night and the one they called said that zelda was rrp and had no idea about the catalog that has it for $49, so i had no luck. will stop by to target or kmart instead

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