Bargain Hunter: You Should Buy A DS Here This Weekend

Bargain Hunter: You Should Buy A DS Here This Weekend

lifestyle_nintendo_ds_art09There are some great prices on DS hardware and software in the new Harvey Norman catalogue. Let’s take a closer look.

Until December 13, you can pick up the following:

DSi (handheld plus Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box) $299
DS Lite (red handheld plus New Super Mario Bros.) $164

Brain Training $34
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass $34
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: $49 (on sale December 10)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story $34
Mario Kart $34
Mario Party $34
Maths Training $34
More Brain Training $34
New Super Mario Bros. $34
Nintendogs (any version) $34
Sight Training $34
Style Boutique $49
Super Mario 64 $34

If I didn’t have a DS, I’d be all over the DSi deal, plus Mario & Luigi and that Spirit Tracks price is too good to turn down.


  • I think there’s been an error in the HN catalogue. I called up Harvey Norman yesterday and the guy said that Mario and Luigi (and every other game that isn’t those training games) was selling for $49, and the only those training games were $34. I don’t have the means to travel out to a Harvey Norman and show him the catalogue…because I found it a little bit misleading

    • well, by law they MUST honor the price shown in the catalogue. I worked as a store manager in retail for quite a while and i had to study retail law to get there too ;). if they dont, just price match it at eb’s and then call accc.

      • Just called a Harvey Norman near me. He didn’t have any copies of Mario & Luigi in stock (dammit!) but he told me straight up that they are DEFINITELY $34.

      • not correct, a store does not have to honor the price if it is a misprint, in saying that they cant just say its a misprint to avoid slashing prices

        i work at harveys and we have had misprints before, if it happens we put notes around the product, online and at the service desk to make sure it is noticed.

        obviously if several things are ‘misprints’ something sus is happening but for this promo i can confirm these are the prices.

    • I managed to get it at $34. the person at the check out said that there wasn’t any problem as it was advertised. it’s probably the guy from yesterday who had no idea about what the price of the game was..

  • My Bowser’s Inside Story story:

    Rang Hardly Normal on Wednesday (these deals began on Monday I think) and asked if there were any copies in stock – Knackers or whoever it was said no, they didn’t. Thought I would price match at EB/GAME so went that arvo to the store to grab a catalogue. It was quiet so I decided to check out the software.

    Lo and behold there were quite a few copies on the rack listed at the offensive $69.95 price tag. Took game and catalogue to the girl at the counter and walked out a very happy boy. $34 was the price I paid, but it took a (little) bit of effort.

  • you can view the catalog online. it’s badly designed.
    left side says $34 with touch generations below, right side, with the mario titles has $49.
    if you keep getting more details, it does show that the prices in david’s post are right.

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