Battlefield 1943 XBLA Goes Cheap On Last Day Of 2009

One of the last deals of the year nets you one of the year's most enjoyable online shooters. On December 31, Battlefield 1943 will be a mere 600 Microsoft Points, a frugal way to waste away New Year's Eve!



    Do people still play this after MW2 came out? I wish they'd just release some new maps already...

    How much is it in real money? You know, the type that adults use.

    Yanks only, apparently.

    Hmm i'm considering this, but would need some MS points.

    However i only gave MW2 about 2 weeks attention before i got sick of it. Online multiplayer isn't thrilling me like it used to, i need a WOWZA game to get me back in the mood.

    Probably wait til Halo: Reach before i get back in the mood. Especially with Conviction, Assassins II DLC, Borderlands DLC coming up. Should keep me busy.

    I know most people will recommend this game, but right now do they. Are the numbers still good and games running smooth for Aussie players??

    Awesome deal, but I was hoping for Trials HD... oh well. I recommend this to anyone who like FPS/COD, it's an interesting take on the genre, and like Justin said, new maps would be awesome.

    That's awesome. 1943 was well worth it at 1200 points, let alone 600. The 3 maps are big enough that you'll be entertained for a while - if more maps come out it'll be even better. I haven't played it for a little while, but for 600 points it's a fantastic deal.

    Awesome! I just got it for 560! Not sure why though...
    I've been waiting for this to drop below my current balance, cause i couldn't be bothered buying more points i wouldn't use, so this is brilliant!

    I played the demo, and when that expired, i just ran around the map by myself in the tutorial..!
    Brilliant game!

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