Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Screenshots Are Oscar Mike

Yesterday, you got a video. It was pretty great. Today, you're getting some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 screenshots. Shame DICE's "real world" policy for trailers doesn't extend to screens.


    Impressed with the graphics although Bad Company's were great also. BUT i will be staying away from this I believe. I was kind of let down with Bad Company not to mention the unfortunate online experience I had.

    But then i may stay clear of FPS altogether for a while after MW2. As much as I like it (Online only), there was too much hype that I went along with and felt so un-delivering compared to how i felt with COD4.

    All good. I have Assassin's to look back on. Uncharted 2. Mass Effect 2 coming up along with Conviction. Alan Wake shouldn't be far off as with Gran Turismo and by then, Halo: Reach will be released and I would have concentrated on those games to get over FPS and then get back on it.

    I hope anyway.

    holy cow shaping up to be a pretty pretty game ! I love nothing more than a little visual flair!!!

    Oh well, It can have sprite enemies like Doom and I'll still get it. Those who stuck with boycotting MW2 need something to shoot.

    maybe they arent retouched screens, but PC screens? I really hope so.

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