Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Squad Deathmatch Trailer

Okay, it looks like we've figured the mystery around the mutliplayer mode I previewed earlier and the online beta that some of you have been playing. Squad Deathmatch is new to Battlefield while what's going on in the beta is "old."

EA publicist Jino Talens says it better in this email:

Squad Deathmatch is a brand new mode to BFBC2, so we're still testing and building it out to the way we want it in the final game. The PS3 beta out now is a general term used in the industry when a game is released early to the public for testing purposes, but the game overall is still in early Alpha.

Glad we got that cleared up. Now I can get back to lusting after tanks.


    This game looks better and better every time I see it... I didn't play the first (just the demo), but I think this is gonna be a good alternative to Lag of Lag... (or "Call of Duty" as it's more commonly known).

    Im addicted to the damn beta. I play it for hours on end. I pre ordered the limited edition pc version. Im so stoked. I loved the beta of the first game too. Got into that heaps when it came out too.

    I cant wait for this to come out. I've already thrown aside Modern Warfare 2. I love DICE, they at least beta test their games before release. BOOYAH!

    Get rid of the radar and it'll be perfect!

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