Bayonetta Sneaks Out Early At Retail For Some

Sega's official street date for the Platinum Games&ndas;developed action game Bayonetta isn't until January for North America and Europe, but some gamers have found the game already sitting on store shelves.

We've heard from tipsters here in the US and in Europe - Switzerland, specifically - that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game have already shipped to retail and are waiting to be snapped up. Kotaku reader Bryant just snagged a copy at a Wisconsin Toys 'R' Us. We've reached out to some of our local retailers, even the ones that generally sell to us early, but have come up short.

You may have better luck, though, and may be able to secure a surprising Christmas or Hannukah gift for a friend if you do.

Yes, both versions appear to be regional, not import copies. Two good gets for a game that's not supposed to be released for another two weeks or more.

Thanks to Ivan and Bryant for the heads up. And have fun.


    Lucky bastards!!

    It sucks how this game is NOT region free at all, in any version, not even the Asian version or the Korean version, both of which are usually region free and CHEAP.

    Still, I can't wait for the Aussie limited edition... So, I guess that's where the rub is - no ultra cheap (import) region free copy, versus an expensive limited edition collection.

    The embargo breaking is annoying. The US$60 price tag riles me even more.

    That guy looks like a young kid that should not be playing this game.

    Is this game really that great?, because it looks to me like Devil may cry with bucketloads of T&A, I’ve gotten past that point in my life where i want to buy a game because the main character has double D’s

      First half of game is kinda generic DMC stuff but after that it's just pure awesome, boss fights are all fantastic aswell.

        I wouldn't say the first half of the game is any different from the second, really. The entire game is like a souped-up version of DMC; utterly fantastic from start to end.

        It took me about 35 hours to platinum the game (100% of the trophies/achievements) and there's still a lot of content left for me to explore, such as extra characters and a secret chapter.

        Fantastic game.

    Actually if you preordered from fishpond, you should be getting your copy of bayonetta before or after christmas. I preordered my climax edition, and got an email stating the game will come that time.

    Also yes the game may seem generic DMC, but really, it's awesome, try out the demo, or if you're lucky, some of you's might've got the expensive japanese version for Ps3 >.<.

    Oh and if you's want to snap up the climax edition, at fishpond, they're going for 96 AUD.

    The game is reminiscent of DMC but is waaaaay better!! The combo system is nuts, the graphics are beautiful and stylized. This game leaves DMC for dead (and this coming from a huge DMC fan). The fact the lead character is a sexy well endowed heroine is just a bonus.


    It's amazing how many retailers break the embargo. We've seen it a few times this year, leaked MW2, ODST, and now this. Companies need to step up and track these retailers down. I'm all for getting it early, but there's little point in enforcing a release date when it's released early.

    why would they do that its not our fault your co mes a few days late and thats not fair the people who worked hard on it so it could make fun of!


    The violence in Bayonetta did not appear to be at a level I would deem harmful to most teenagers. It is so over the top and inflicted on creatures that have little resemblance to a human being. Then again I am only going off the demo.

    I know that if I was 14/15 I'd be wanting to have a crack at it. Probably more for a perve though ROFL.

    I received an email from AllInteractive about 3 days ago informing me of the strict released date for Bayonetta in Australia. This suggests that the copies are now being shipped to Australian retailers and should be waiting in the back rooms right now.

    Some people obviously ignore the embargo letters and just put them on the shelves as soon as they arrive. It happens at BigW quite often.

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