Big Final Fantasy XIII Sales Mean Big PS3 Sales In Japan

When you're selling over 1.5 million copies of Final Fantasy XIII to the Japanese game buying public, you're gonna sell some PlayStation 3s to go along with it. How many? More than triple what Sony sold the week before.

That big red slice in the Japanese hardware pie represents the 237,000-plus PS3s snapped up by gamers hungry for some Final Fantasy. And that similarly impressive slice of blue? That's the Wii, which managed to move over 190,000 units last week, according to Media Create.

Those big Wii sales—combined with similarly solid DS sales—gives Nintendo the dominant share of the pie this week, somewhat unexpected given Sony's install base spike with the PS3. Full numbers for all nine systems are after this.

  • PlayStation 3 - 237,086
  • Wii - 191,915
  • Nintendo DSi - 95,227
  • PSP - 79,194
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 75,241
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 12,879
  • Xbox 360 - 8,965
  • PSPgo - 3,260
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,982


    I thought everyone in Japan would've already bought a PS3 for FFXIII.

    Mr Spoon has found that 9 out of 10 Kotaku readers, when given the option of eating a slice of pie, will choose a spoon as their utensil of choice.

      what does the other 10% use?


        Only 1 out of 10 use their hands? I would have thought 9 out of 10 Kotaku readers wouldn't have known what a spoon was - I had to google it first.

        Mr Spoon found that the remaining 10% of Kotaku readers were refined enough to use a cake fork. Mr Spoon takes the embetterment of his fellow Kotaku-ites seriously, and discouraged the use of hands with judicious electro-shock therapy.

    Making it a ps3 exclusive in Japan only was kind of a cop out. The Xbox 360 is practically nonexistent in Japan. But yeah good on then for making this a multi platform game, more money for Square = more money that goes into the next FF games development. It’s a win win.

      Not if the game has undergone several scale-backs due to the multiplatform nature of it.

    Who hold the highest weekly sales of any console?? Mainly this generation i'm referring to.

      For this gen it would be Nintendo.

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