BioShock 2 Has Sprung A Leak

For a game set underwater, there wasn't much water in BioShock. With Rapture now a little worse for wear, its sequel is looking to make amends.


    Reminds me of when they were trying to escape Titanic in the movie. Looks awesome. ARGH COLD WATER RUN!

    About time Bioshock had ACTUAL water. Will Rapture actually fill up with water?

    The first game was brilliant... it was like; look out the window, you have nowhere to go, fight or die. The sea was a character in the fact that it gave you (if you immersed yourself) the feeling of confinement, a belittling effect and; shock and awe. This time it’s like every fear you had of the sea crushing in rapture comes true... which is not only exciting hopefully shocking.

      Yeah, that's what I loved about the original BioShock - the feeling of being trapped with water pressure teeming all around you. Though I think the direction they're taking BioShock 2 could work, as long as we're not navigating massive flooded sections of Rapture, but having water flood certain, controlled parts of the city would create a feel that your impeding doom is closer than ever before, as you can see the water starting to crack Rapture's foundations.

    Another game getting water?

    Heh, it's just like what comic book guy says when you drown in The Simpsons Game: you don't learn to swim until the sequel.

    On an unrelated note, I want my Sackboy Big Daddy.

    well its official,

    my graphics card is going to sheit itself over this game.

    Time for a new system!!! =D

      Yep, My Macbook Pro isn'g going to like this much. Guess I'm restricted to playing on the Xbox when I'm at home.

    me thinks there will be a rapture-titanicesque level just by the looks of it

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