BioWare Has A Fix For Dragon Age Soundtrack/PS3 Issues

Over the weekend we had a lively discussion of file and disc formats and why exactly the mp3 soundtrack for Dragon Age: Origins was inaccessible on the PS3. BioWare's asking anyone with the problem to email, they can fix it.

A BioWare spokesman dropped the official help URL - - and asked that people contact customer service through the "email us" URL there. "Our customer service department is ready to help and will ensure that this is resolved," saith BioWare.

A search of the site's knowledgebase doesn't turn up any additional info, but reader Nerdslashpimp says that if you contact someone, they give you the downloadable version of the collectors edition bonus content over the EA Downloader, and it includes the soundtrack.

Anyway, now all you PS3 Dragon Age owners have your lovemaking music when you and your significant other roleplay Morrigan and Allistair by the glow of a passionate fire.


    well thats nice but id like em to fix the memory leak on the PC version i dont want to have to keep closing it down every hour and a half just cause t starts to take a good 5 mins to load anything

      maybe it is your pc, greg. myself and a few friends have played DA a full day without a issue, and loading screens are always lightning fast, barely enough time to read the quotes they display.

    Memory leaks on the PC version... huh? I'm running patched version 1.01b for hours on end and haven't seen any load issues... and this is on a boring 3 yr old WinXP box.

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